Slipknot / Lamb of God @ The Concord Pavilion – 8.26.15 Slipknot / Lamb of God @ The Concord Pavilion – 8.26.15


Ed. Note: Okay so, yeah. I was about to play up some sort of bullshit objectivity here because that’s…um…fun? I don’t know. What I do know is that for all my twists and tails and tasteless avant anti major underground uber alles proclivities I have never, ever, EVER been able to bring myself to deny Slipknot their place in the pantheon of awesome unfuckwithability and I will never forgive myself for missing them at MSG when I had tix or, all things considered, letting our metal manic, Todd Sipes take the reigns of covering their recent sojourn through the devil’s nocturne but…goddamnit, did he do them justice. And Lamb of God? Fuck. Remember when they were Burn the Priest and they were ripping splits with Agents of Satan and staying with Piglet & Co. after their ABC No Rio gig and I missed that shit too because I, evidently, always have something better to do than have my balls rocked so fucking hard and heavy I cum diamonds long enough to retire on some remote Tahitian hamlet where I wake up every morning and piss last night’s pig fat mai tais all over on an invasive Impressionist’s grave.

But enough of my failures.

This is Mr. Todd’s carnage.

So please dig, if you will, his pictures.


Lamb of God

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