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Slang Chickens

It’s a self defense mechanism. It keeps the hacks away, while simultaneously rewarding those who invest their time. Persevere; it’s just a decoy to ward off the masses who habitually usurp music just to excrete it moments later. It’s a self imposed trial by fire.

Slang Chickens aren’t looking to travel down the path of least resistance. They could have released an album of radio singles, they demonstrably understand progressions and catchy hooks enough to have easily accomplished that. Instead Slang Chickens debuted with a self titled album that challenges the conventional. If you didn’t listen to a note of the album just seeing that its eleven tracks come in at just over 35 minutes, and only one song is over 4 minutes, would scream that this was some type of post-punk or post-hardcore effort. Truthfully I’m sure The Chickens wouldn’t mind being contextualized within those genres, but such a simplistic and cursory categorization would belie the true brilliance of this effort.

It’s easy to become a victim of your own mind. Restless in your own skin, dissecting and over analyzing the minutia of life, until you wake a disaffected observer.

Psychosis courtesy of analysis paralysis.

Slang Chickens are truth through simplicity.

The power that comes from being able to succinctly deconstruct the complexity of human emotions was discovered one day before religion. It’s a common thread in great artists over the ages; it’s not new in music either. In America Southern Rock seems to most clearly embrace this tenet, and it’s not a coincidence that the genre is a big ingredient of the hodgepodge of music that is Slang Chickens.

The Chickens have unchained the weight and set their music free from the tyranny of genre. That’s not to say that the influences of several different styles of music aren’t evident on their debut LP. Lapsteel gives some songs a Bluesy feel. There are moments of smile ear to ear Garage pop. The familiar twang of banjo can remind you of a simpler time. Yet it’s the amalgamation of all these familiar sounds that feeds the unique music that is The Chickens.

To some the Slang Chickens can come off a bit campy, or tongue and cheek. If you feel that only music that has a sober demeanor can pay respect to serious issues than this is most decidedly not your album. Even on the ballads of the album, like the song “Blues”, there is still a lot of humor to be had, “Got blues dripping down my leg / I should go to the doctor but I really want to stay in bed”. Beginning a song called “Blues” with banjo, and lapsteel before giving way to a latin horn breakdown is a pretty good representation of the type of non-conformity you can expect throughout the entire album.

Even though their music is not very similar (if at all), the way the Slang Chickens carry themselves reminds me of how Beck was when he came onto the scene so many years ago. They’re going to try to convince you that they’re simple. They’re going to release goofy videos with inflatable play toys,stock footage from the 80s of a duck, and a battle scene with a penguin. They’re going to create 2 minute singles pleading with you, “Let’s Microwave”.  Be forewarned that this is Slang Chickens’ modus operandi, but rejoice in the knowledge that those who listen for just 35 minutes will be ultimately rewarded with some of the most innovative music released in some time.

Track Listing:
1. Tropics
2. Row My Boat
3. Club Love
4. Blues (Dripping Down My Leg)
5. Parasited Out
6. Let’s Microwave
7. I Want To Score
8. Badlands Blues
9. Wild Winds
10. Black Don’t Turn Blue
11. Young Money

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  • Charles says:

    I was apprehensive but goddamn if this isn’t a secret party record. Also, “analysis paralysis”…you’re fucking fired. That’s my new free-noise-funk-horror-hardcore-glam band.