Skrillex – Leaving (EP) Skrillex – Leaving (EP)

Skrillex - Leaving EP

Skrillex – Leaving EP

Why do I feel the need to write about Skrillex? Well, a lot of reasons. First and foremost, I always like to advertise the fact that I enjoyed dubstep before it became popular and bloated. Sadly, this fact is becoming old and tired and frankly no one under the age of 25 gives a shit what I think and what I was into in the mid 00’s. Dubstep, as it is now, is a trend which has grown from underground style to global phenomenon which is divided between original fans and younger fans who do not give a shit about what we were into in the mid 00’s. One of the largest pioneers for dubstep’s current sound is Sonny Moore otherwise known as Skrillex. Perhaps my fascination with Skrillex releases is seeing a complete narrative which was birthed out of the rough sex between two megalithic robots to what seems like something more mature. It is all about perspective.

Leaving is Skrillex’s 6th EP since 2010 thus reinforcing stereotypes that electronic musicians have a paralyzing fear of full lengths. You see, that was a joke which is somewhat rooted in truth. Leaving brings together new and old material from the producer which interestingly tests the waters for possible future sounds. While Skrillex has made himself a household name with aggressive music void of subtlety, Leaving proposes a few new things. Whether or not it is any good is of course up for debate.

The song in question is the title track which is also the EP’s closer. “Leaving” slows down traditional structure and attempts texture and craft most notably after British producer Burial. In fact, the sound is so similar to Burial’s haunted garage style I am almost thinking it warrants a lawsuit. Regardless, “Leaving” does introduce a new card into Skrillex’s deck and, despite it being averagely executed, feels genuine. Fans of “Leaving” also are allowed the opportunity to turn their noses at younger fans who cannot appreciate texture and subtlety. Within the microcosm of Skrillex fans an independent dichotomy has been born and it is blowing my fucking mind.

It is odd to talk so much about one song with two others preceding it. Frankly, “Leaving” is the only song of note with “Scary Bolly Dub” being a cannibalized version of 2010’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” which has been used in live sets. “Reason,” which opens the EP, strikes a balance between the new laid back atmosphere and the traditional bass heavy structure. Both songs do their part but not to the tenth of the level as “Leaving.”

I still do not know what to think of the Leaving let alone Skrillex. It is interesting to see a style which has grown so massive fall and rebuilt into something different. Is Leaving even a shade of what has been done by Burial, James Blake, Scuba, or the dozen artists who have pioneered the style? Absolutely not. Is Leaving decent within this fucked up sphere of Skrillex with only his previous releases as historic data? Of course. It is all about perspective.

Skrillex - Leaving (EP), reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2013-01-30T14:36:12-08:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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