Skibunny- Walk Don’t Walk EP Skibunny- Walk Don’t Walk EP

Skibunny- Walk Don’t Walk EP

Skibunny- Walk Don’t Walk EP

If there’s anyone who should know what makes dancefloor friendly music, it’s the Belfast/Edinburgh duo of Skibunny. After DJing Belfast’s premier indie alternative night for years, these guys know what makes a catchy hook and a killer chorus. It’s a shame then that as the guys have decided to put down the decks and pick up the guitars, the crossover hasn’t gone as impressively as it could have. Walk Don’t Walk EP is a four track EP landing somewhere between the sound of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Subways, and Ladytron, but crucially, not as distinctive as these recognizable influences. Herein lies the main problem with “Walk Don’t Walk”. The influences are easily identifiable yet this EP offers no solid reason why you should listen to it over them.

The title track is a catchy enough number once it gets around to the chorus and despite feeling a bit deflated on first listen, it does grow after repeated spins. The following track is the remix by New Yorker Cereal Spiller, a dark and brooding version of the title track done by a guy who’s remixed the likes of A Place To Bury Strangers and Goldfrapp. Next  is the romantic pop of “Ossington”, a pleasant enough chirper that really creates a sense of wistful yearning. Most will be able to relate to the portraits of idyllic memories that have been and gone, and the duo get it just right here.

Gloomy closer “Cut and Run” has the unnerving atmosphere of the likes of A Place To Bury Strangers and co., but offers little else. It’s a sorry state when the heavy drum beats are more clearly audible than vocals, and unfortunately that’s the case here.

Nevertheless, “Walk Don’t Walk EP” does have glimpses of promise. “Walk Don’t Walk” itself is a morish little nugget, and “Ossington” is a lovable piece of twee pop that’s sure to be a grower.If the duo can tighten up the springs and do away with the excess influences on their sound, then it’ll be interesting to see what these guys come out with next. But in a genre as bloated as indie electro, it’ll have to be more distinctive than this.

Skibunny- Walk Don’t Walk EP, reviewed by Lemon on 2010-07-09T12:32:02-07:00 rating 2.8 out of 5

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