Silkworm’s Libertine to See Deluxe Reissue via Comedy Minus One Silkworm’s Libertine to See Deluxe Reissue via Comedy Minus One

skwmOh, man. I love Silkworm and so, evidently, do the good people at Comedy Minus One (you might remember them from their stellar Edsel reissues last year) who are gearing up to rerelease (in an expanded, remastered edition) the band’s seminal effort, Libertine. Who is Silkworm you ask and why should you give a damn about Libertine? Let me let Mr. Steve Albini tell you:

“Very few bands make even one great album. Silkworm made several, and this is the first.”

Yeah. Just listen:

Originally released in 1994 and long since WOEFULLY out of print, Libertine saw Silkworm’s last stand as a quartet and marked a new era of misplaced American focus to a band that was already on it’s way to making 90s luminaries like Pavement famous (when that band wasn’t sounding like The Fall, of course…ahem). The rerelease is a double LP (on 150 gram, 45 RPM vinyl) and will contain a supplementary CD including “The Marco Collins Sessions” as well as two tracks from their original Libertine recordings. The whole thing was mastered by the incomparable Bob Weston and is up for preorder through June 11 in a variety of options. So get on it.


01 There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight
02 Grotto Of Miracles
03 Cotton Girl
04 Yen + Janet Forever
05 Oh How We Laughed
06 The Cigarette Lighters
07 Couldn’t You Wait?
08 A Tunnel
09 Written On The Wind
10 Wild In My Day
11 Bloody Eyes


12 Insider
13 Grotto Of Miracles (alternate)
14. Couldn’t You Wait?*
15. Scruffy Tumor*
16. Cotton Girl*
17. Raised By Tigers*

* = Marco Collins Sessions

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