Silkie – Vol 1City Limits Silkie – Vol 1City Limits

Silkie Vol. 1-City Limits

Silkie Vol. 1-City Limits

Who would have thought 2009 was going to be the year to save Dubstep? I mean, everybody who’s anybody will know all about what it is now. It’s influence reaches as far as charting top 40 singles and Hip Hop production. Recently it’s become somewhat of an “in” thing to the fringe sporting, scarf wearing, girly jeans brigade too. The problem is that the real artistic flare that was once celebrated by great minds such as Coki, Vex’d, Mala and Loefah has been all but replaced by the chainsaw warbles of new. And then there’s Silkie.

Last year saw the release of his aptly titled “Jazz Dubstep” which is more than a hint towards what was going to come. His first few 12″s to come out on Deep Medi Musik caught our attention and so follows his first full-length album entitled “City Limits Volume 1”.

City Limits is a very smooth, deep, soulful helping of Dubstep. It’s the kind of record that can be enjoyed equally in bedrooms or on big systems. The most obvious quality is the production. I haven’t heard anything this squeaky clean and clarion in a long time. The perfectly EQ’d sub, skittish percussive rhythms, wonderful samples and abundant lush synth sounds all blend together beautifully. The harmonies and melodies are well constructed too. And that’s why it’s special. Silkie puts time into his production. He writes music rather than bashing out bass drop after bass drop of harsh wobblefests like many of his contemporaries.

Silkie - Vol 1City Limits, reviewed by Heard on 2009-09-08T08:54:03-07:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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