Shellac – Dude Incredible Shellac – Dude Incredible

Shellac - Dude Incredible (2014)

Shellac – Dude Incredible (2014)

Ed. Note: Charles wrote this review in some weird pandemic freakout we’re not the least bit interested in exploring and which we are publishing here, adulterated, for prosperity because we’re all pretty confident the end is not nigh but we can all agree Shellac fucking nailed it on this one. Also, we’re pretty sure that Soundcloud track is a cricket.

Shellac is an American rock and roll band that makes American rock and roll records for rock and roll kids and their rock and roll parents and – sometimes, even, at this point – their rock and roll grandparents if and whenever the fuck they feel like it because rock and roll isn’t about schedules, man. It’s not about deadlines and tour dates and promotional considerations and the frothing thirst of the average fan who has been waiting SEVEN GODDAMN YEARS to slip one more piece of hard wax into the grooved-out carnal party canon of a band he didn’t even really used to like that much because they weren’t as terrifyingly abrasive as their all-balls, none-fucks art terror predecessor* until he saw them once in Chicago with a pretty girl and two of his best friends and they (Shellac) were so goddamn epically awesome and eloquent he found himself weeping openly during an improvised and endless rendition of “The Rambler Song.”

Rock and roll is about whatever the fuck rock and roll is about and that about, in the parlance of Shellac tonight, is a great steel thundercock circumventing the sun in Tommy Bahama and pince-nez, shining his pappy’s six-shot and ready, deserved for the next great ice-cold one and they call him Dude Incredible.

I mean, I know I do and so should you if you know what’s good in this Mad Max mess of a wrecking-ball wasteland we call the world in flints and fabrics torn to staccato incoherency.

But it’s cool. It’s cool.

You don’t have to say his name to know his game. Dude Incredible is like the Clarence Clemons of rock and roll records. His beef is thick and his aim is true. He is the big man, unshadowed by the flash of sweat and screaming bar back glamour. He’s a no-jazz, blues crackerjack post-parade party crasher here to save the middling young from the star faults that sent them paying to cum way back before the states were all Gippered but still.

Still and all Dude Incredible is no salvation, mavens.

He’s just a rock and roll record, rough-ridden forever.

Dude Incredible Tracklist:

01. Dude Incredible
02. Compliant
03. You Came In Me
04. Riding Bikes
05. All The Surveyors
06. The People’s Microphone
07. Gary
08. Mayor/Surveyor
09. Surveyor

*Big Black, not Volcano Suns and the less said about Brick Layer Cake, the better (sorry Todd). Duh.

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