Shackleton – Three EPs Shackleton – Three EPs

Shackleton - Three EPs

Shackleton - Three EPs

After a run of awesome releases on his own Skull Disco label and several Earth shattering remixes of tracks from the likes of Villalobos and Moderat, Shackleton finally unleashes his first full-length “album” entitled Three EPs. The long awaited debut “album” (which plays like more of a collection of quality hypnotic, bass heavy, sparse techno tunes split over 3 vinyl) is a defining point for a new progression in Electronic music. Released by the legendary Perlon imprint, Shackleton’s brand of Dubstep infused Minimal Techno is a breath of fresh air in a World of almost stagnant Techno.

Shackleton’s rhythmic structures are inventive but not undanceable. His songs all carry a bleak claustrophobic atmosphere. Samples run through tracks, some discussing negative thoughts and the strange workings of the inner mind while others are finely picked and placed tribal vocals. Stabs of dissonant keys plays over deep, trance-enducing basslines while toms roll off in the background and eerie synths creep like ghostly apparitions of sounds deconstructed and reformed. It’s a very heady slice of minimalism in Electronic music.

His sound evolves through tracks as lengthy as nearly 9 minutes. There are hints of melody but they’re mostly overshadowed and made distant by waves of spectral noises that loom ominously, floating in and out of focus. The main focal point is left to the bass and percussion. Slick production and time well spent have resulted in a bass so deep and pronounced without whomp or wub or wobble. The drums are all placed throughout the mix perfectly. A lot of tribal percussive influences are strewn throughout Three EPs and they work wonderfully to enhance those dense, brainmelting atmospheres.

The most striking aspect of his songwriting and production is that I can’t think of anything on par with what Shackleton is doing right now. He’s leagues ahead of other forward thinking figures and he has a sense for building a tune from nothing to make incredible soundscapes entwined with incredible beats. It’s almost a privilege to know I’m living through a time when music is changing dramatically once again and I like where it’s going.

Shackleton - Three EPs, reviewed by Heard on 2009-12-17T10:36:53-08:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

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