Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour

GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Alright, The full explanation requires some work. I love Scissor Sisters. Since their 2004 self titled debut, the band has held a light allowing me to navigate through the world of disco throwback and sultry electroclash. Everything is bright, garish, and incredibly filthy. The entendres hit doubles and the subtext burrows snuggly within the ground. Since 2004, the band has paid tribute to various eras of nightclub culture beginning in the loft era disco and gravitating towards surreal UK sythpop. The three album arc from Scissor Sisters is a testament to alternative lifestyles and an insatiable desire to throw back vodka spiked with LSD and dance until drenched with glitter and sweat. I wish I could enjoy their new record.

My wife loves Prince. It has been a recent obsession but for the past few weeks she has listened to nothing else but the three disc Greatest Hits and B-sides. She started listening to Prince after my vocal disdain for Scissor Sisters’ newest record Magic Hour. “Do you hear this?” I would say. “They went from well crafted synthpop to shit club pop. Fuck this band.” She then retorted that despite my dislike for the music, the band had crafted yet another chapter in the ever expanding club universe, this time resting on the era of late 80’s dance pop. “It is great” she said, “it reminds me of Prince.” She then concluded with a serious search into acquiring more Prince material.

So it sounds like Prince. Still do not know how to take this.

A lot can be surmised by reviewing singles. Scissor Sisters always released a set of singles which satiate separate desires for dance and experimentation. Club hits like “Comfortably Numb,” “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” and “Fight Fire With Fire” are contrasted deeply with interesting singles like “Return to Oz,”” I Cant Decide” and “Invisible Light. It is still early but the first single from Magic Hour makes feel silly when I decided to dress in sci-fi drag only to be surrounded by the South Miami elite. “Only the Horses” leads Magic Hour with its very blatant declaration of by the book club anthem. It is a song which could be played at top volume from an Escalade which cuts you off like a bridge and tunnel dick bag and almost hits your goddamn car. Fuck Face.

Since the close of Ta-Dah, Scissor Sisters have been bouncing around to different producers. Though the early collaborations with Stuart Price led to the fruitful Night Work release, Scissor Sisters seem to have tipped the scales with a handful of electro DJs. Now the band walks hand and hand with Boyznoise record producer Alex Ridha and rapper producer Calvbin Harris. Fuck, these names mean little to me as I wrestle with the boredom of contemporary dance and the cliché of being bored with contemporary dance .

Magic Hour possesses some well-crafted moments obscured by a nebulous cloud of nonsense. The band’s previous work has promised interesting songs which may or may not be tinkered with in production. Tracks like “Inevitable,” “Best in Me” and “A Year Living Dangerously” speak to the past with competent song writing and penchant for melody. But beyond competency, is an almost lack of daring adventure as the majority of songs lay transparent where interesting gems once thrived. This is truly a crystal town where an emerald city once lay. It sucks but everything has to change eventually.

I can appreciate the move towards more accessible club anthems. The market for sexual and intelligent disco is probably niche at best though I am saddened by the shedding of elements which once made this band so great. The goal in life should always be to be unique rather than become camouflaged in a joyless crowd. These new droves of fans which are being beckoned most likely will not appreciate your craft for subtle wordplay. Maybe I am being too harsh. Fuck that, I am pissed. What am I suppose to do with these sequin costumes now?

Baby Come Home
Keep Your Shoes On
Only The Horses
Year of Living Dangerously
Let’s Have a Kiki
Shady Love
San Luis Obispo
Self Control
Best in Me
Secret Life of Letters
Ms. Matronic’s Magic Message
Fuck Yeah (Bonus Track)
Let’s Have a Kiki – DJ Nita Remix (Bonus Track)
Fuck Yeah – Seamus Haji Remix (Bonus Track)

Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-07-03T14:52:01-07:00 rating 2.8 out of 5

2 Responses about “Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour”

  • jbj says:

    i wonder if the scissor sisters were black you’d start the review with “BLAAAAACKKKKKKKK” or if they were jewish you’d have went with “JEEEEEWWWWWSS” ?

    in a day and age where homosexuals are struggling for equality all over the world and even in our own country, trivialising it is nothing short of disgusting.

    fuck you.

  • Actually, apart from that joke I began the article with the only mention of the groups supposed lifestyle is:

    “three album arc from Scissor Sisters is a testament to alternative lifestyles and an insatiable desire to throw back vodka spiked with LSD and dance until drenched with glitter and sweat.”

    The fact any of the members are homosexual doesn’t really matter when reviewing their record. Though the band proposed a certain image their sexual orientation was never questioned, or mentioned, besides that opening joke. I am actually more upset at their disappointing album than anything else.

    I was thinking about whether or not someone would take offense to it was taken with any sort of seriousness. I guess they have. Apologies for causing any sort of emotional flair up as it was not meant as anything other than an opener. I guess I suck at openers.

    If you want to talk to me privately at kaptaincarbon[at], I am sure I can convince you I am not the hostile or bigoted reviewer you think I am. I am a very reasonable person and am upset that my attempt at humor went awry but more so concerned that I caused an unintended response from something I did not mean.

    Rock out whoever you are.