Sasquatch 2011 Day 4 Sasquatch 2011 Day 4

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Sasquatch Day 4

Ms. Sharon Jones - Sasquatch Day 4 - Zach Luellen Photography

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All photos by Zach Luellen Photography
Words by Jesse

Awwww. Sasquatch is all done. I can’t say that I’m not glad it is. Showering is going to be raadddddddd. That’s not too say I didn’t have a blast, because I did. Sasquatch had everything! Awkward romance (or equally awkward lack thereof), rabid irresponsibility (both of the mind and body), crazy awesome bands, horrible bands to hate on, and just plain, good, old-fashioned outdoorsy fun. There was something for everyone. If you’re a jaded punk music snob like me, you got to see Against Me! play tons of old shit and see the Thermals rock your socks off. But if you’re a hard time indie rock kid, Modest Mouse and the Flaming Lips blew everyone away. Hell, even if you don’t like music and just wanted to jump up and down, the dance tent was bumping all weekend. Safe to say, Sasquatch 2012, get ready. You can’t come soon enough.

Guided By Voices
Guided by Voices looked, and kind of sounded like, a bunch of awkward dad’s trying to rock way past their prime. They did rock pretty hard though, but it was a tad in vain, mostly because added stability and force doesn’t really add to the GBV sound. In fact, it detracts from it, just chips away at the tender lofi awkwardness that made the band who they are. I love their early records, but they didn’t translate too well. Plus, Robert Pollard didn’t even play a damn guitar.

Pictures of Guided By Voices @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of The Decemberists @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Chk Chk Chk @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Givers @ Sasquatch 2011

Best Coast
Bethany from Best Coast just might have replaced Kathy Foster of the Thermals as my punk band girl crush. Might have. She did it by raging through an hour set, closing out my favorite stage, the small Yeti. Her fuzzy girl punk was far more intense live than on her record, but she still retained her “girl-who-listened-to-way-too-much-Bikini-Kill-and-Sleater-Kinney-in-high-school” awkwardness, though that’s most of her charm.

Pictures of Best Coast @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Head Like A Kite @ Sasquatch 2011

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Despite looking like the broiest bro ever, Macklemore played a pretty decent set. It’s always been hard for me to take any of these new age backpack white guy hip-hoppers serious (you know, Atmosphere or Aesop Rock), but I have to give it to the Evergreen grad (fellow student shout-out, what up), he knows how to get the crowd going. Maybe a little too much (there were more than enough of “When I say ___, you say ____!”).

Pictures of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Young The Giant @ Sasquatch 2011

I don’t like electronic music. I have a really hard time liking electronic music, but sometimes I can get stoked on it, like Ratatat, but not Chromeo. It honestly sounded like a couple million cell phones from the early 90’s all going off at once. Or the worst synth sounds from laughably bad parody 80’s movie soundtracks. How many damn times do you have to say your bands name? We get it, you’re Chromeo, it says it on the schedule and on the screen.

Who the hell scheduled Wavves at 11:30 in the morning? I guess I can’t complain too much, I got to see Wavves. But it was so hot and early. The show was rad it ruined the rest of my day: I’m horse, dehydrated, and sore. I don’t care what anyone has to say about this band being cheesy or overly simple, or just bad; their beachy Dookie rip-off pop-punk is a riot and they obviously love their jobs.

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