Sasquatch 2011 Day 3 Sasquatch 2011 Day 3

The Flaming Lips - Sasquatch-2011

The Flaming Lips - Sasquatch-2011 - Photo by Zach Luellen Photography

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All photos by Zach Luellen Photography
Words by Jesse

Day three was probably the best day so far. I didn’t like the bands that much before the festival, but most of what I saw won me over. I spent almost the entire day in the middle of the pit at the main-stage and now I’m bruised and beat up. Worth it. The weather was also pretty damn nice… for once. We’re all getting ruined by all of this lack of sleep and all of this chain smoking. But you know what, rage!

Modest Mouse

Saying Isaac Brock was drunk would be an understatement. Dude was shitfaced. But you know what? Despite incredibly awkward, rambling stage banter, he can sure shred that guitar and rock a crowd. I started Modest Mouse up on the hill, but I was sprinting to the bottom a few songs in. They played a really long time, but it was insanely worth it.

Pictures of Modest Mouse @ Sasquatch 2011

The Flaming Lips
Wayne and gang pulled out all the bells and whistles for their 10-year-anniversary Sasquatch spot. Yes, he did the “walk around the crowd in a ball” thing, and of course he covered the crowd in enough balloons and confetti for the whole Northwest, and yeah they kind of only played like 9 songs. But those 9 songs, coupled with their insanely over-the-top stage presence and lights, were more than enough for me. They even led the crowd in a massive happy birthday chant to honor the Sasquatch’s big one-zero.

Pictures of The Flaming Lips @ Sasquatch 2011


Modest Mouse ran really late, so I just barely caught Ratatat, but what I did see was rad. I was pretty unfamiliar with their fried acid dance rock, but I got down. It was cool to see an electronic dance group actually play fucking instruments for once. That guitar was mobbing. Excellent stage presence and rad lights, I’m super glad I toughed it for a late night and saw Ratatat.

Pictures of Ratatat @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Yeasayer @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Beach House @ Sasquatch 2011
Pictures of Tokyo Police Club @ Sasquatch 2011
Pictures of Das Racist @ Sasquatch 2011

Cold War Kids

Is it just me or do the Cold War Kids look like a bunch of Navy men on shore leave ready to kick the shit out a couple stoners? But then if you close your eyes, the lead singer sounds like a black chick soulin’ away in a bar to said Navy men in New Orleans. They played a good, albeit short.

Pictures of Cold War Kids @ Sasquatch 2011

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