Sasquatch 2011 Day 2 Sasquatch 2011 Day 2

Sasquatch 2011 Day-2-Insert

Sasquatch 2011 Day-2

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All photos by Zach Luellen Photography

Bright Eyes
An assuredly drunk Conor Oberst put on his best “tortured artist” today. Darting from left to right on the stage rocking a hoody with the hood up, one would think to say it was a group if you didn’t in fact hear the mellow indie folk. 15-year-old Jesse is so fucking jealous of me right now, and for good reason; despite all the bullshit whiney crap, Oberst knows how to write/sing/perform a fucking song.

Pictures of Matt and Kim @ Sasquatch 2011

the Thermals
So the Thermals have to be the hardest working rock band in years. Hammering through an hour set, never pausing for anything more than to say “thank you,” you know they fucking mean it. Maybe it was my “Marry Me, Hutch!” sign, but this show was the giddiest sing along fun anyone could ever hope for.

Pictures of the Thermals @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of the Antlers @ Sasquatch 2011

Wolf Parade
Ever see a band that you had heard only a few times before, but then were sourly disappointed at your inability to scream along? Wolf Parade was that band today. Playing perhaps their last show, the Gorge main stage is perfect. The beautiful scenery coupled with amazing acoustics proved well for what none of us hope to be, a wonderful swan song.

Pictures of Wolf Parade @ Sasquatch 2011

Pictures of Local Natives @ Sasquatch 2011

Head and the Heart
The Head and the Heart… Hmm. The wittiest thing I can think of is the fact that heart rhymes with “fart.” I thought this whole folky Americana thing was that of the past, well 2010. If there’s anymore of this Mumford and Sons/Noah the Whale shit pumping out my work speakers (which they surely will) I might need to go invest in a hammer and nail and bludgeon my sense of hearing away.

Pictures of Head and the Heart @ Sasquatch 2011

The Globes
Last year, I hadn’t ever heard Japandroids, but their raw and fun show made me a huge fan. This year, that band is the Globes. Fusing current rock currents with Wowee Zowee-era Pavement guitar and bass freak-outs. Pretty rad shit. On the smallest stage, the atmosphere was intimate at worse, intense at best.
This band is going places… well at least my iPod.

Pictures of The Globes @ Sasquatch 2011

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