Sasquatch 2011 Day 1 Pictures Sasquatch 2011 Day 1 Pictures

Foo Fighters - sasquatch-day-1-cover

Foo Fighters - Sasquatch

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Overall Sasquatch day one was a success. The weather was unwilling to take a stand and commit to setting an atmosphere of what can be expected in the upcoming days and nights. I can say that the rain was a welcome cool down, if not a worthy nemesis at times. Everyone’s getting dirtier every minute, and yes it was intended as a double entendre, and yes we’re having a blast. Most of the people here are relaxed and laid back, but I have met more than a few damned elitist Canadians constantly stating their national supremacy (I mean, I know you guys get great health care and gay marriage but let us have… uh… football).
Now onto see The Thermals, Wolf Parade, Bright Eyes and more today!

All photos by Zach Luellen Photography

Foo Fighters
We, at Pinpoint, could not be happier that the Foo Fighters exist. We don’t often listen to their records. We probably only know the same hits you do but I think Dave Grohl is okay with that. He just wants to rock and for you to rock too. And he does. And we do. With so many guitars and so much howling it’s impossible not to. Fans or not, it doesn’t matter. The Foo Fighters transcend the shirks and rebuffs of jerks like us who’d rather be listening to some band you’ve never heard of because they are fun. Plain as day. And I wouldn’t dare take my rock and roll any other way.

Pictures of Foo Fighters @ Sasquatch 2011

Death From Above 1979
Did you know people rioted for this band at SXSW? Because they totally did. Go ask the internet. I’ll wait…I KNOW RIGHT?! Two Canadians doing the drum/bass/key duo thing adequately but certainly not inspirationally. One of them’s blonde now and looks to be in old timey underwear. Is that a Vice Do? Fuck it. The girls who like them are super cute.

Pictures of Death From Above 1979 @ Sasquatch 2011

The Bronx
Punk’s not dead, kids. Punk is the Bronx. The filthiest, fastest, most feasrsomely bombastic band nodding to 70s riffs and rough SoCal fury still making the sweat rounds today. Drink up. Scream loud. But don’t break your neck. There are plenty of bands left today.

Pictures of The Bronx @ Sasquatch 2011

Against Me!
It’s nice that Against Me! still play a shit-ton of the songs you want to hear back from the basement days of anarchy. It’s also nice to know they disavow the folly of youth politics. Anarchy doesn’t pay. Sire and Live Nation do. No one seems to be considering that though. Why think when you can sing? I think a girl just got in a fight with a security guard. Their drummer REALLY needs to learn a new beat.

Pictures of Against Me! @ Sasquatch 2011

Biffy Clyro
Your name’s Biffy? Might as well be Sue. But that’s cool. We’re not judging parents’ mistakes or inescapable nicknames. Still, not sure how well this is translating after what’s transpired already. Beginning to wonder what this band has against shirts. Whatever. When you don’t have anything nice to say about your friends band (we’re not but always could be) it’s best to say “Man, it looked like you guys were having SO much fun up there.” And it did. Please put on your shirts.

Pictures of Biffy Clyro @ Sasquatch 2011

Mariachi El Bronx
Seriously, how fucking genius are these guys? I hope they make $10K a set. Ditching the t-shirts for traditional mariachi garb and playing songs about prison and love without a shred of snark is hard enough, but to do it successfully is goddamn unconscionable. But there’s el Bronx. Who knew the band miscast as Black Flag in the unforgivably awful Germs flick would prove to be such polymaths. Yeah, buddy. Sorry…what I meant to say was OLE!

Pictures of Mariachi El Bronx @ Sasquatch 2011

Rival Schools
Walter Schreifels is back again with his once gone and back and gone and back post-post-hardcore band (Gorilla Biscuits to Quicksand to…) Rival Schools. Maybe that’s not fair. Rival Schools is a rock band. The play hard, sometimes, sure but they’re much more into pop and reggae now than those breakdowns that fuel shirtless pits. He isn’t Civ and if you really wanted to reach quick you could find a swift comparison to Pearl Jam but that reference is bound to piss you off by the end of the set.

Pictures of Rival Schools @ Sasquatch 2011

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