Sneak Preview: Sarah Negahdari (of Happy Hollows) Solo Project Sneak Preview: Sarah Negahdari (of Happy Hollows) Solo Project

Sarah Negahdari Recording Session

Sarah Negahdari Recording Session

It’s fitting to begin a conversation about Sarah Negahdari by talking about color, and more specifically the nature of contrast. It’s a cliché riddle but how do you describe a color? In reality the way most people would go about it is by comparing it to another shade. But contrast is more than a prevalent means of categorization; it can literally define the subject that it is in juxtaposition to.

Sarah is best known for her work as the lead singer of LA indie darlings The Happy Hollows, but it’s her new project that she describes as a, “solo folk experimental beauty record” that has me sitting in a studio fondly referred to as the Ghetto Cabin in South Central LA.

Pics of Sarah Recording at Joel’s Cabin

Prior to last weekend the only solo work I had heard by Sarah was a lovely acoustic song called “Paint a Rocket” (Formally known as “Captain Negahdari” [ video below]). The Happy Hollows can be a musical assault. Sarah says that, “With Happy Hollows everything has extroverted energy, we get loud and it is so life giving”. However songs like “Paint a Rocket” are devoid of this precise but chaotic sound that has become a hallmark of the Happy Hollows. It was immediately clear upon listening to her solo work that a channel needed to exist outside Happy Hollows where these softer and more intimate songs could flourish. Sarah had done some of her more downtempo songs during sporadic shows under the name The Sad Solids in previous years, but now with the new solo project a few of those songs, as well as several new creations may have found a home.

Paint a Rocket from

Sarah Negahdari told Pinpoint:

“This music is totally different from the Hollows. It is basically a lot folkier, and it is comprised of songs that just in no way fit with our Hollows sound. To give you a brief history of why I am making this album I starting playing guitar when I was 14 on a classical nylon string guitar. I would spend hours finger picking, and to be honest with you, it is my favorite way of playing guitar. In my early 20’s I went electric, and I have been able to invent my own style of playing guitar that involves mostly fingerpicking. About 2 years ago, I was in Charlie [Mahoney]’s room and saw a really old nylon string guitar in his closet. I started playing it, and there was a big full moon out the window, and the song ‘Lunatic Moon’ came immediately. I remember playing this new song under the moon, and to Charlie’s cat, and it was all coming so effortlessly, and tears were falling down my face because I realized how much I missed playing acoustic finger picking style music! That was the begging of a bunch of songs that were more folk based and back to my roots.

These songs are me alone, very introverted (opposed to the Hollows which is completely collaborative), and some are even about the one subject we never write songs about in HH..Love! Hollows music is like the part of me that is the Sun, my solo is the part of me that is the Moon.”

Produced by Joel Morales from Dios (with additional credit going to David Newton) the project is still early in the recording stage. Sarah hopes to have her yet untitled solo project, “mixed and mastered by early next year”. That time line would allow her to release a few singles around February or March in anticipation of a full release in early spring 2011.

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