Sam Cohen – Cool It Sam Cohen – Cool It

Sam Cohen - Cool It (2015)

Sam Cohen – Cool It (2015)

So Peter Coyote (who I always confuse with Eric Roberts who I also think is Jason Robards) was on the Leonard Lopate show the other day to promote his new biography about drugs, violence and the noisy transcendence from the culture of strange, oppressive white privilege to Zen, I think. I’m not entirely sure as my hands were busy with broken glass while the two so(m)ber white men were talking about soul crossings and the nightmares inherent in certain, suited patriarchies but I did catch a reference to Bob Dylan. Turns out the name of Mr. Coyote’s (a nom de guerre he adopted following a particularly resonant sojourn with peyote) book, The Rainman’s Third Cure is named in response/homage to Dylan’s “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” which is a Blonde on Blonde song that I know a whole lot of nothing about but reads in parts like some seriously psychedelic Guthrie, over-extended and headily amplified and that me to thinking hard on how Bob Dylan is such a dick.

The thinking didn’t last long as glass is sharp and my life gets shorter by the day so I can’t waste time sneering at old folk heroes turned mustachioed weirdo but I still think it was straight up prick of him to school Donovan like that which then got me thinking about Donovan and how the Butthole Surfers’ cover of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” melted my new teen brain into a puddle of toothy horrors and then it was lunch time and so I cuddled into the bathroom corner with Sam Cohen.

And everything was easy for a sandwich, seltzer and chips.

See, Sam (if I may call him that) has been at this rock and roll thing for a minute. He was the flare of Apollo Sunshine, the canary of Yellowbirds and now that Cool It is out and about, he’s officially stretched his neck as a stag band and though what he’s done with his eponymous act isn’t exactly some revelatory shit it is informed, honest and thoroughly consummate.

I know that sounds like a third grade report card addendum from some alcoholic divorcee but having been continuously faced with the same listless kaleidoscopic sonogram that’s been gang-banging the psychic revival these days, it’s nice to hear something a little folk and hoary. Plain Janed but not boring. BBQ music: easy and breezy and just curious enough to stave off inoffense in favor of portly, vaulted complement like a ruse with a view and a fresh steaming plate of delicious, wet meat made for and by friends and, besides, his disjointed fuzz licks are actually pretty sick and then I got to thinking again about how more than half my life is halcyon and so I went back to bagging shards for this week’s living.

Cool It Tracklist:

1. Let The Mountain Come To You
2. Pretty Lights
3. The Garden
4. Unconditional Love
5. Don’t Shoot The Messenger
6. Last Dream
7. Kepler 62
8. A Farewell To Arms
9. Midnight Conqueror
10. El Dorado

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