Salem – King Night Salem – King Night

Salem - King Night

I’ m sick. I have been for the last three days and that sucks because I’m unemployed so nobody’ s paying me to lie on the couch and sniffle through House marathons and hot toddies which means I could be very soon be up against the wall of the empty, bearded depression that comes to men who feel they have no purpose.

That is to say I’ m feeling slow, strange and meaningless today.

Not unlike Salem.

But they totally have one over me by spearheading (this is debatable, but let’ s just say) a new genre called “ drag” . Drag. The name is apt if you’ re going on a codeine bender at the edge of a black forest at night in the dead of winter with nothing but the headlights from your car crash a quarter mile back to light the way to a remarkable end once reserved for meth addicts immortalized on the Discovery Channel.

And, for some reason, you’ re masturbating.

I read that they used to be prostitutes. That they used to smoke crack. That their music was, somehow, in debt to a number of hip-hop genres I’ d never heard of (Juke? Anyone? Anyone?) but that their sound was a singular expression of damage spurned on by their shy love of Michigan woods and…well, I don’ t really remember and I’ m too feverish to care.

I fell into it pretty hard (much to my girlfriend’ s chagrin) because sometimes you need a total bummer of a band.

I don’ t need this record, though. This feels like a piece of shit. Warm, formless and toxic. Bovary’ s lungs on a disused synth. Sure, it’ s got all the marks that made the Yes, I Smoke Crack (I told you) and the Water EPs. Atmospherics, dead battery beats. “ Redlights” (an admittedly good song – even for the third time – hence the 2.3). But, rapping? Is that rapping? Is mumbling with enough distortion to bring Big Worm on a Quaalude binge bitch-fest to mind what the kids are considering hot fire these days? Is that acceptable anywhere?

Salem - King Night, reviewed by Charles on 2011-01-07T12:01:26-08:00 rating 2.3 out of 5

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