Saigon – The Greatest Story Nevery Told Saigon – The Greatest Story Nevery Told

Saigon - The Greatest Story Nevery Told

Saigon you beautiful bitch.

Despite getting dropped from your record label for not being radio-friendly enough, you went ahead and made the best hip hop album, most likely to make the Entourage faction of your fanbase as uncomfortable as possible. And its beautiful.

That’s code of course. The whole “Entourage fanbase” thing. Code for white people. The Greatest Story Never Told is an aggressive, dominant, thuggish street tale. But Saigon has multiple personalities on this album. Probably not in real life though. The alter-ego of The Greatest Story Never Told is it’s very aware lyrical content, it’s critical look at social issues and the ability to slow it down for the ladies and integrate some tracks for fornicating. Does Devin the Dude make any songs NOT about fucking? I really hope not.

The most intriguing thing about the progression of The Greatest Story Never Told is Saigon’s skill as a lyricist. He’s so fucking good throughout the whole album that you almost take it for granted by the end. Which is somehow not a bad thing.

The only thing The Greatest Story Never Told suffers from is a lack of a signature track, also known as The Kweli-Complex. The album is fantastic from start to finish, but never does any one track make you stop and go “whoa”. It’s not necessary to have that signature track in order to be a good, or even better-than-good album; hell, there are plenty of shitty albums that have that signature track. But it’s kind of unspoken, that when you’re telling your friends to “check this shit out”; you want to give them a track that’s gonna get them hooked. Despite it’s one and pretty much only shortcoming, The Greatest Story Never Told lives up to the hype.

1. Station Identification (Intro) feat. Fatman Scoop
2. The Invitation feat. Q Tip And Fatman Scoop
3. Come On Baby feat. Swizz Beatz and Jay-Z
4. War
5. Enemies
6. Friends
7. The Greatest story Never Told
8. Clap feat. Faith Evans
9. Preacher
10. It’s Alright feat. Marsha Ambrosius
11. Believe It
12. Give It To Me feat. Raheem DeVaughn
13. What The Lovers Do feat. Devin The Dude
14. Better Way feat. Layzie Bone
15. Oh Yeah
16. Bring Me Down
17. And the Winner Is feat. Bun B
18. Too Long feat. Black Thought

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