Sage Francis – Li(f)e Sage Francis – Li(f)e

Sage Francis - Li(f)e

I have a friend who shit-talks toward my general direction for listening “backpack hip hop”. I have no real defense because there is no denying that I do happen to listen to a disproportionate amount of “independent”, “conscious” hip hop – as opposed to say, Young Jeezy or fuckin, I don’t know, Lil Wayne; and he’s a lot, like, A LOT smarter than me. He’d destroy me. Nevertheless, his insults are playful, of course, and he’d be the first to acknowledge his reign as king of I-only-listen-to-shit-that-no one’s-ever-heard-of- ‘ville.

His insults do hold validity in the notion that “backpack hip hop” takes itself way too serious, forgets to have fun, forgets that this music is sometimes an escape. There is definitely a hater-culture that develops for anything Gangster or Crunk or Hyphee or whatever the fuck you wanna call it; which, whatever, but there just comes a time when the music strays from “Rapper’s Delight” and goes a little too far into “The Message” end of the spectrum.

Someone should have told Sage Francis that Li(f)e is isn’t enough “Rapper’s Delight”. Let’s not mix words, its ALL “The Message”. Fuck, its so “The Message” that it actually turns into borderline spoken word at times. An actual fucking message.

The only thing that can save this kind of uber-backpacker hip hop album is the type of superior lyricism that forces you to sit and listen. You can’t help it, it makes you sit and marvel, show your friends, post to your blog, or whatever corny-ass thing people do. Unfortunately for Sage Francis, his tongue-twisting is not overtly astonishing on any one of the tracks and he comes across as less-impressive version of every other “independent”, “conscious” rapper.

The slow drawl, twangy guitar, country music theme threaded throughout the album did, however, add some curiosities to Li(f)e that made it a bit more interesting than I may be leading on. I cant help but draw comparisons to that one Everlast song that made everyone feel all deep and shit

I’ll be the first to admit that I get sick of the gun-music and the unrealistic lifestyles being sold through hip hop’s music and imagery, and I’m also aware that this is a very popular stance with the college educated, middle-class, elitist, pseudo-intellectuals – but does that make me hypocrite if I wanna double fist coronas at the club and sing every verse to “Gin N Juice” every once in a while? Or does it just further the concept that moderation or balance is essential even in the world of hip hop; you can’t have too much “The Message” without a little “Rapper’s Delight”.

Track List:
1. Little Houdini
2. Three Sheets to the Wind
3. I Was Zero
4. Slow Man
5. Diamonds and Pearls
6. Polterzeitgeitz
7. The Baby Stays
8. 16 Years
9. Worry Not
10. London Bridge
11. Love the Lie
12. Best of Times

Sage Francis - Li(f)e, reviewed by Delicious on 2010-05-19T08:26:40-07:00 rating 2.2 out of 5

2 Responses about “Sage Francis – Li(f)e”

  • Benjamin says:

    It’s funny that you’d mention Rapper’s Delight so much considering how fucking bullshit that song and its origins are. Check this album in 5 years. If that doesn’t work, go back to it in 10. It’ll do ya somethin’ good.

  • Anonymous says:

    hey underbite..

    stop reading sage reviews and sticking up for him anywhere it’s bad.

    you’re a complete jackass.