Rodrigo y Gabriela – 4th & B – 10-10-09 Rodrigo y Gabriela – 4th & B – 10-10-09

Gabriela plays a siren song

Gabriela plays a siren song

Attending a Rodrigo y Gabriela show is like submitting your soul to a hot, sweaty musical threesome. Sometimes gentle and intimate, sometimes aggressive and raw it’s an experience that leaves your ears entirely satisfied while longing for more. Yes, they are a male and female classical acoustic guitar duo that can play Metallica better than Metallica, but don’t let that threaten your sexuality or your musicality because the way they rock transcends genders as much as it transcends genres – it is universally sexy.

Anyone who has heard of Rodrigo y Gabriela knows that they are significantly recognized for their live performances, and rightfully so seeing as how the two virtuosos have surely not disappointed an audience since they first shook hands. That being said, their performance last night (Saturday, October 10th) at 4th & B in San Diego was nothing short of mind-blowing…even by their standards. Playing the full gamut from songs on their first album Foc to their latest release 11:11 with plenty of crowd favorite metal covers and obscure jazz references thrown in the mix. After a particularly passionate jam a man in the audience was heard to announce “You just melted my face!” …I looked over and it was true, his face was melted. Then I looked around and everyone else’s faces were melted, then I realized my face was also melted – all over my new Pinpoint Music shirt! Everyone was screaming and clapping uncontrollably while splashing around in puddles of their own faces! That’s just what kind of chemistry can be expected on stage at any and all Rodrigo y Gabriela shows – hot.

So, after a night of having my soul sexed and my face liquified at the best show I have ever seen at 4th & B and one the most unforgettable live musical experiences I have ever had, I ask, suggest, beg, implore, urge, beseech, command and decree that you make every possible human effort to see Rodrigo y Gabriela if they come within 100 miles of your eargasm-deprived dwelling. Just make sure to bring some spare underwear, a mop and an extra face.

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