Rival Sons Live @ Hard Rock San Diego 10-30-09 Rival Sons Live @ Hard Rock San Diego 10-30-09

If you haven’t seen the Rival Sons live you need to find their next tour date within three states of you, shake down your deadbeat friends for cash, and hit the road.

Listening to Rival Son’s debut Before The Fire once you’ve seen them live is a completely different and more cerebral experience. The live show unlocks senses you didn’t even notice were going dormant. This is how a rock show is supposed to be; a fully fledged assault on everything that you understand as truth. Like running every red light while doing 90 though a bad neighborhood on winter night, this live show will shred all your meaningless fears and leave in its place brain numbing adrenalin. Calling this addictive is letting junkies off the hook easy.

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