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The Rival Sons are like rock and roll defibrillators – surging electric life back into the heart of what we thought was lost. I, for one, could not be more relieved to hear that heart beat on their debut album Before The Fire. I consider myself a fan of classic rock, yet I disagree with the label ‘classic rock’ being applied to bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd – I call it ‘rock and roll’. Although their music is undisputedly classic, it is also the pure and original essence of rock and, therefore, should not be sub-categorized under the genre that they created. But this article is not about Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or ‘classic rock’ – it’s about The Rival Sons and it’s about rock and roll…because they are one and the same.

Despite the uncannily resilient popularity of music from the golden age of rock and roll, no band (that I have heard) has been able to write original music that rekindles the raw, authentic soul of good ‘ol rock and roll. I might be unqualified to discuss this issue being that I was regrettably not alive in the generation that produced my favorite music, and am adamantly ashamed of the music that my generation has to show for itself…and I know I’m not the only one. That being said, the music of The Rival sons makes no secret about it’s influences from Zeppelin, Floyd and other iconic sounds, but they are far from a ‘throwback band’. Probably the best word to describe the connection between The Rival Sons’ music and their influences is ‘homage’. They do not emulate their rock and roll influences, they pay tribute to them and build upon them to produce a sound that is entirely their own. Bluesy and soulful to raw and driving to sprawling and melodic – Miley’s solid, relentless drums and Robin’s groovy bass lines lay the foundation for Scott’s blood-boiling guitar riffs and face-melting solos, all topped off by Jay’s gritty-yet-smooth vocals that fall somewhere between Robert Plant and Axel Rose.

Before The Fire is a refreshing departure from current abominations of rock and roll. I would love nothing more than for this band to succeed beyond all expectations largely because I want to hear more of their music, but more importantly because it would send a valuable message to the rest of the music industry that rock and roll will not die, so stop trying to kill it. It’s not easy for a band to stay true their influences while maintaining originality, but they are as truly passionate about the music that inspires them it is possible to build organically upon it. The Rival Sons have done it if more bands follow their lead, regardless of their genre, our generation might finally be proud of our music.

The Point: Before The Fire is one of the most exciting albums I’ve heard in a long time. It is an absolute must-listen! Whether you hear them live or on their album, The Rival Sons rock…the just fucking rock.

Track Listing:
Tell Me Something
Lucky Girl
Memphis Sun
Pocketful Of Stones
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Pleasant Return
On My Way
I Want More
Flames Of Lanka

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