Reflection Eternal – Revolutions Per Minute Reflection Eternal – Revolutions Per Minute

Reflection Eternal - Revolutions Per Minute

Reflection Eternal is Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek; and even though Kweli claims that he and Mos Def are the best alliance in hip hop, Reflection Eternal definitely cracks the top 10. So after much hype, several mixtapes and ten years of fan anticipation, Revolutions Per Minute is here.

So what have Kweli and Hi Tek given us with RPM’s? In a word: America.

RPM’s is 17 tracks of compartmentalized diversity. And although not perfect, it works. From one track to the next you get jazzy hip hop here, island beats there, motown inspiration over there and featured artists from Bun B to Estelle to Mos Def dispersed throughout. All while Kweli’s lyricism and fearless ability to tackle any topic ties it all together in his simile-heavy style that fans have come to love and appreciate.

Upon my first few listens, I wanted to call RPM’s an album somewhere in between “for fans only” and “if you don’t love this, you clearly have no taste, go back to listening to fucking Journey”; lost in the sea of gray area. In other words: good, not great. But those cheesy Entertainment Weekly, sweeping generalizations don’t help shit, and only work for flaky idiots who wanna be able to say they “heard it was alright” when someone mentions it at the party. Cuz guess what, after giving it three listens, I found myself sitting at work, unabashedly singing the female vocals to the Estelle track, “Midnight Hour”. That’s called stickiness. And not every record or album has that.

Kweli calls RPM’s a museum, and he’s right. You may not be blown away by every exhibit, but if you check out everything it has to offer, you’ll find there’s knowledge to gain, several pieces you’ll wanna nod your head to, tell someone about and come back to again and again.

Track Listing:
1. RPM’s
2. City Playgrounds
3. Back Again (featuring Res)
4. Strangers (Paranoid) (featuring Bun B)
5. In This World
6. Got Work (Fame)
7. Midnight Hour (featuring Estelle)
8. Lifting Off
9. In the Red
10. Black Gold
11. Ballad of the Black Gold
12. Just Begun (featuring Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def)
13. Long Hot Summer
14. Get Loose (featuring Chester French)
15. So Good
16. Ends” (featuring Bilal)
17. My Life” (Outro)

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