Rebelution – Courage To Grow Rebelution – Courage To Grow

Rebelution – Courage To Grow

Rebelution – Courage To Grow

It’s rare to come across a reggae band that possesses the intelligence and work ethic that Rebelution pours into their music. With those qualities complimenting a solid roots-rock foundation, technically proficient musical ability and an undeniable passion for their craft you’ve got a band that is capable of long term growth and musical evolution as well as a guaranteed kick-ass live show every time.

Rebelution’s debut album Courage To Grow is an excellent example of all of the above qualities and, if nothing else, is an exciting indicator of what we could see from them in the future. Varying between driving reggae-rock riffs and mellow roots rhythms while constantly riding captivating bass lines, Courage To Grow is a perfect album for chilling at the beach or driving with your windows down and is guaranteed to get the ladies bouncing and swaying. Speaking of ladies, there is never a shortage of them to be found at any given Rebelution show and the style of music makes it easy for even the least coordinator dancer get in the groove on the dance floor without embarrassing him/herself.

Although girls are clearly attracted to the fun, beachy vibe found at Rebelution shows, the band is not your typical party-boy reggae band formed purely for the ‘chick-factor’. Having formed amongst the chaotic party town of Isla Vista in Santa Barbara, all of Rebelution’s members have degrees from U.C.S.B. and have studied everything from business administration to economics to music theory. This background has created a foundation and band dynamic that inspires them to constantly explore the art of music and further their technical abilities. It has also given them the drive and organization to produce their own album and orchestrate a relentless touring schedule.

All of these factors together have resulted in their unarguable explosion onto the California and Hawaii music scenes, especially Hawaii. They have hit #1 on the Hawaii reggae stations and have garnered a screaming fan base that greets them with signs and autograph requests at the Honolulu airport.

The guys in the band are very intelligent and down to earth. Wes Finley is the soft-spoken and technically immaculate drummer, Rory Carey (known to some as ‘Captain Irie’) constantly smiling as he bounces on the keyboard, Marley Williams is a crowd favorite as he prowls the stage thumping out catchy bass lines, and the front man Eric Rachmany with his silky smooth vocals jams out his guitar riffs.  Co-managed by Silverback Music and Dean Raissen of Raise Up Music, this band is definitely going places.

The Point: Keep an eye on Rebelution because their initial success has been intense and they show great potential for the future. Courage To Grow is an impressive debut roots-rock reggae album that is well worth checking out and is a promising first step for a highly driven and versatile band.

Track Listing:

1. Courage To Grow

2. Heart Like A Lion

3. Safe And Sound

4. Feeling Alright

5. Ordinary Girl

6. R Way

7. Attention Span

8. Green To Black

9. On My Mind

10. Running

11. Night Crawler

12. Other Side

13. Safe And Sound Dub

Rebelution - Courage To Grow, reviewed by Wedsie on 2009-02-26T21:58:03-08:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

3 Responses about “Rebelution – Courage To Grow”

  • Zinn says:

    Hey Wedsie couldn’t agree more on the band and it’s deffenently the best band for that just chillin vibe.

  • Jessicaaa says:

    reb is an amazing band, to see them & soja perform together, that would be sick as hell

  • Norasta4me says:

    A show with both SOJA and Rebelution would make me sick…