Rancid – Let The Dominoes Fall Rancid – Let The Dominoes Fall

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall

Rancid is the drug I just can’t quit. When punk music was “the thing to do” I was using everyday. Wanting more, listening more; Rancid was always there when I needed to feel good–no bad-trips ever and no hangover the next day. Even when the shit wasn’t cool anymore, and the casual users weren’t buying their records or requesting their songs on the radio, I needed their music coursing through my veins, filling my lungs and infiltrating my brain. Not every batch was mind-blowing shit, but that comes with the territory; some is always better than none. Sure, I would venture to other drugs – some harder and more abrasive, others subtle with a more mellow high; but I always came back to Rancid. Then something happened. Maybe it was the desk job, the rent, the bills, the girlfriend, the responsibilities, the realizations, the disappointments; but after nearly a ten-year addiction, Rancid somehow faded from addiction, to habit, to recreational activity. And just before the drug that knocked me on my ass everyday disappeared into a memory of something “I used to do”, I somehow now find myself listening to a new Rancid album, alone, and not giving a fuck about the rest of the world. Just like that, the intoxicating, fucked up glory of more carefree days, attacking my senses, reminds me of every time Rancid has got me high.

With hints of previous albums, Tim’s half-poet/half-incoherent junkie voice, Lars’ and Matt’s backups, and tons of bay area references, “Let The Dominoes Fall” should be a good listen for diehards and casual fans alike. But the story with this album isn’t what it is, but what it is not. It’s not gonna kick your ass like “Rancid (2000)”, it’s not a classic like “…And Out Come the Wolves” or “Let’s Go” and it’s not as unique as “Life Won’t Wait”. It’s a punk rock cocktail with all of its predecessors used for ingredients – sans “Indestructible”, of course, and a little bit of Tim’s 2007 solo album “A Poet’s Life” stirred in. Its just not quite as good as some of the best we’ve heard from Rancid over the years.

Track Listing:
1. East Bay Night
2. This Place
3. Up to No Good
4. Last One to Die
5. Disconnected
6. I Ain’t Worried
7. Damnation
8. New Orleans
9. Civilian Ways
10. The Bravest Kids
11. Skull City
12. L.A. River
13. Lulu
14. Dominoes Fall
15. Liberty and Freedom
16. You Want It, You Got It
17. Locomotive
18. That’s Just The Way It Is Now
19. The Highway

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  • Carlos says:

    Hell yes!!! I could not agree more with you.

    p.s. I think I know who wrote this one old friend….