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I know I talk a lot about myself and music. I find it important when relaying emotional experiences. This is especially important when talking about bands which have affected me deeply and stood as a large part of my life. Menomena is a Portland based indie rock band who released three amazing albums in the mid 00’s. I Am the Fun Blame Monster, Under An Hour, and Friend and Foe were exquisite and brought me to my knees in reverence for subtly crafted indie rock. Menomena’s dreamlike heartbreak was contrasted with their sobering and reflective tone. For many years I spent cradled in the arms of this band. At least until 2010 with the release of Mines.

The last few years have been an important time for Menomena as band members are beginning to shift as the quality of albums are starting to decline. During the recording of Mines, multi instrumentalist Brent Knopf created Ramona Falls, a solo project made during the band’s period of inactivity. Romana Fall’s debut Intuit approached the greatness of Friend and Foe and was dazzling in its attempt to recreate world spun by Menomena. At the time, Ramona Falls was just a side project still eclipsed by its parent band. Right now things are different.

In 2011, Brent Knopf parted ways with Menomena leaving Ramona Falls as a full time project. Whatever was prophesied in Intuit has now been fulfilled as the empire which I once called home is fractured and broken. In the shadow of the past, Ramona Falls still shows me brightness as it is now my only totem of things which once were.

Prophet once again displays the outline forged by Intuit. Much like Menomena the music is dark and marked with subtle electronics and crashing instrumentation. Evaluating the music, there is not much which stands out besides the familiar piano passages, guitar solos, and the comforting wail of Knopf. This album could exist in any time and does not differ from almost a thousand imitators. With that said, Prophet still makes itself unique among thousands with a unique character which can only be explained as emotional vigor.

Some of the original qualities which drew me to Ramona Falls and Menomena were their ability to resonate through echoing emotions. Without committing to one emotional state, the band coasted through various and conflicting feelings. Somewhere between crushing loneliness and transcendental elation there exits this music which is resounding. The same quality guides Prophet but now given present circumstances, the album becomes so much more.

Prophet is a complex record which creates peaks and rolling valleys. Much like Intuit, noise and cacophony co-habitat with soft consonance. Prophet, however is much more focused in its desire to innovate. Songs like “Spore” and “Brevony” channel the spirit of late 90’s rock when it was loud and progressive rather than dull. Prophet has much more at stake than passing side project. Its sense of urgency and bravery allows it to occupy the same universe as Ok Computer and Parklife. It is astounding and controlled and above all memorable.

I feel that I am coming to terms with my relationship with indie. Even calling a genre of music “indie” no longer means the same thing as it did 5 or ten years ago. The bands which once defined my life are making mediocre and disappointing records. I have moved on and said goodbye to a period of my life which was filled with enthusiastic amazement. Things are different now but Prophet allows me to experience something which is now becoming timeless.


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