Radiohead – TKOL RMX 4 Radiohead – TKOL RMX 4

First of all, I want to thank Pinpoint for their patience. I can understand how tedious it is to fully investigate a series of 12 inches released over the course of a few months. I know it must seem odd to devote so much time to 12 inches remixes but with every release, The King Of Limbs project becomes more and more evident. While 2003’s Hail To The Thief had its share of remixes on the COM LAG EP, Radiohead has never fully given themselves over to remixing until this project. With the fourth release in the series, the amount of music has almost doubled its original predecessor. For a record exploring texture and timbre, the choices for guest musicians has never been more apt. Additionally, the heavyweight of the packaging and stunning abstract artwork makes this series more than worth your time. Then again, I really enjoy electronic music, Radiohead and bizarre release schedules.

Unsurprisingly we are presented with three more tracks totaling up to a cozy yet still hip 15 minutes. The first guest is Thriller (Houseghost?) with his microhouse spin on “Give Up The Ghost.” At this point, usually I would discuss the artists history and previous work. Besides mentions of this very project, Thriller Houseghost has nothing available for the general public leading me to believe he/she is either:

A. A hopelessly obscure electronic artist who just received the biggest break in history
B. A super hip electronic artist who has moved past the internet as a viable tool for promotion
C. Thom York

I am baffled and confused as to who Thriller Houseghost is as his/her remix of “Give Up The Ghost” is damn near fantastic. The original track lurked near the end of The King Of Limbs and with its brother “Codex” drug the last quarter of the record to a spacious crawl. Do not get me wrong, “Give Up the Ghost” has its merits but when allowed to sail across a fixed beat, it shines like diamonds. Thriller Houseghost picks up the brooding song and gives it roller skates — something that no one expected the song to be capable of. There still exists the air of sadness and grief first experienced in the original song, now it is just more danceable — in a depressed sort of way.

And then there was Illum Sphere, an electronic artist from Britain whose dark angular beats have already been partially recognized across the internet. Illum Sphere sounds may sound miles away from Thriller Houseghost but he falls into the same brooding spirit as the track before. Illum Sphere’s take on “Codex” is a drag especially when compared to not only the original track but the artist’s other non-Radiohead work (specifically his quasi downtempo work with “Murky”). This criticism shouldn’t be taken too much to heart as the progression of Radiohead remixes is moving into a darker, more disembodied lands.

I’ve discussed how Four Tet’s “Separator” remix on the previous release broke the song down to a molecular level. Whether intended or not, these remixes are beginning to move into a level only inhabited by lovers of the abstract. German artist René Pawlowitz, under the moniker Shed, finishes off the 12 inch with “Little By Little,” which when compared to Caribou’s remix resembles little of Radiohead at all.

The fact the band is moving into more avant territory only strengthens this project’s resolve. I say this with bitten tongue as it was already announced that a compilation entitled TKOL RMX 1234567 is already being planned for a September release. This either means that Radiohead will hasten the 5th, 6th and 7th volumes of this series or just throw it on to the end of a double CD with less than stellar artwork. I feel very passionate about the future of Radiohead releases and must admit my slight dismay at the news. While post Dubstep superstar SBTRKT and Jamie XX has already been revealed to be on later editions, I fear their involvement will be stifled if crowded onto the end of a CD. I also may roll my eyes when latecomers flock to an easily packaged release. Despite my trepidation regarding the future, Radiohead and I should be thankful for the time we had together.

1. Give Up The ghost (Thriller Houseghost RMX)
2. Codex (Illum Sphere RMX)
3. Little By Little (Shed RMX)

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