Radiohead – TKOL RMX 3 Radiohead – TKOL RMX 3

Hahah and we are back. The fact Radiohead is releasing these remixes sporadically speaks to the larger world of electronic music. Full length albums are rare. The world of electronic music is built upon short blasts of EPs, singles and numerous remixes. Radiohead continues the electronic thanksgiving dinner by inviting a glo-fi beach bum, a post dubstep producer and a crowd pleasing ambient artist to make a toast to community.

We are going to begin with the lesser known artist, who surprisingly are front loaded on this third remix 12 inch. Lone, which was surprising easy to find on the internet, is a British producer who aims for the intersection between glo-fi, hip hop and sandy ambiance. In fact, Lone’s 2010 Emerald Fantasy Tracks made me feel like getting stoned and getting lost inside Yankee candle labels. Lone does a tremendous job transforming the hip electronics into a tropical paradise which offers the right amount of distance and relaxation. As for his take on Radiohead’s scattering “Feral,” things are a little different.

“Feral” originally pulsed and waned but never really developed into a full song. Perhaps that was the intention for the song to swim like a fish under the driftwood and debris of scattering beats. Lone’s remix pulls out the confusion surrounding “Feral” and sends it skipping on a UK Funky beat. The remix never really turns into a Lone song until halfway when the weathered atmosphere makes itself known. Lone’s music is goddamn gorgeous but this remix never allows the artist to fully showcase his Tiki glitch talents.

Next up is David Kennedy who enjoys going by numerous stage names. Here as Pearson Sound, Kennedy tackles “Morning Mr. Magpie” which was, for anyone paying attention, already tinkered with by Nathan Fake on TKOL RMX2 a few weeks ago. One of the best reasons for electronic singles is comparing the work between two artists. While Fake’s remix was pretty straightforward in its deep house thesis, Pearson Sound approaches “Morning Mr. Magpie” from the ceiling.

For a song that is just shy over 4 minutes, Pearson Sound spends half of that in silence and slow built. By the two minute mark, a post dubstep kaleidoscope opens leaving the listener just as pleased as confused. Never breaking into a steady beat, Pearson Sound’s remix is by far, out of everything, the most challenging while never breaking away from listenable. I have no idea what the hell happened but I’m glad I came.

Finishing off TKOL RMX 3 is Radiohead’s old Friend Four Tet. Not only did Four Tet recently collaborate with Thom York and Burial but in 2004, Mr. Kieran Hebden extended his talents on the “Skttrbrain” remix for Radiohead’s Com Lag EP. Four Tet is Radiohead’s uncle who is always seen in the family photos and is now remixing one of The King Of Limbs best songs “Separator.”

It is hard to judge a remix if one holds the song so close to the heart. “Separator” was a highlight on The King Of Limbs and wove infinite yards of haunting silk. To my complete surprise and pleasure, Four Tet’s remix not only sustains the dreamlike quality of the song but adds to its complexity. This is, of course for half of the song until Four Tet takes “Separator” off the ends of the earth. The last three minutes drop into formless space. Four Tet has been working closely with Radiohead for years and uses this opportunity to go beyond remixing into construction with broken pieces.

I honestly have no idea how many remixes the band is planning to do. This means the third installment could be the last. With every number released, I grow more and more interested. Together all the remixes stand at 45 minutes which is standard album time if it would apply to a band who cares about formality. When will this remix carousel end? No one knows. I just hope everyone else is as excited as I am. As I type this last sentence, I found confirmation of a 4th release which is available for pre-order and due out on August 15th as well as a 5th, 6th and 7th release rumor. If you could see my face right now, it would be hilarious.


1. Feral (Lone Remix)
2. Morning Mr Magpie
3. Separator (Four Tet Remix)

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