Radiohead – Little By Little / Lotus Flower (Remixes) Radiohead – Little By Little / Lotus Flower (Remixes)

Radiohead - Little By Little / Lotus Flower (Remixes)

This fourth of July, I spent my time celebrating Americas birthday like any other freedom loving blooded patriot — by listening to two Canadians remixes of a British rock album. Ever since the release of In Rainbows in 2007, Radiohead has been moving towards a level where standard release calendars no longer apply. This hyper dimension allows albums to come out without any notice that may or may not be standard release time. These albums could be an LP, EP, mini-album or series of napkins with song titles written on them. Radiohead is one of the few bands to achieve such a massive underground success that time, length or even reason matters little when writing albums. Over the course of the warm summer months, Radiohead will release a series of 12 inch remixes from their King Of Limbs album which will be exclusively streamed for free and sold via vinyl in independent record outlets.

The first series of remixes comes from the well known Caribou and the soon to be known Jacques Greene. Caribou is the stage name for Daniel Victor Snaith originally known as Manitoba. Caribou has been zig-zagging throughout the 2000’s with high profile releases including the phenomenal Swim in 2010. Snaith’s dedication to German minimalism and deep house is evident on his dreamy remix of Radiohead’s “Little by Little.” The song strides in steady rhythmic pulses where it used to shuffle. Caribou removes everything including the dominate guitar leaving only York’s voice and soft strings to run along the driving beat. The only criticism regarding this track is that it could be extended into the double digits where it stops just short of 6 minutes. Regardless, Caribou provides another decent track into his ever growing catalog of historically conscious electronic music.

Providing secondary commentary is similarly Canadian producer Jacques Green. Along with Snaith, Greene provides a deep house interpretation of “Lotus Flower” which was Radiohead’s quasi-single for King Of Limbs. Greene’s recent and rising recognition has been through meditative minimalism as well as some pop conscious soulful house. These tendencies allow “Lotus Flower” — a song which many people have heard — to take on a life of its own. At just over 7 minutes, the longer length allows York’s voice to mix, match and croon its way in and out of the track.

Radiohead is behind this entire project but little is known regarding their level of involvement. The second release — due out July 14th — has been announced to contain widely heralded ambient producer Mark Pritchard as well as IDM/Trance producer Nathan Fake. Already there are rumors of involved contributors including the experimental hip hop / electronic artist Flying Lotus. Obviously if your Radiohead, you can do whatever you want. Whether or not you want to release a few sparse EPs or allow venerable electronic musicians remix your songs is a choice that is up to you. It maybe another 5 years, 5 months or 5 days until the next Radiohead album. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven. Until that time comes, enjoy the suffocating heat with some sparse and highly intellectual electronic remixes.

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