Ra Ra Riot @ The Fillmore – 2.11.13 Ra Ra Riot @ The Fillmore – 2.11.13


Let’s be honest, nobody loves Monday…unless of course you are headed to see a high energy, dancetastic show like Ra Ra Riot! Then Monday feels like your old favorite, Friday. Ra Ra Riot brought the noise to the Fillmore (SF) this week and seemed to melt away any workweek woes in the audience. There was no denying it, even Wes Miles commented on what a rockin’ crowd they had. Like a sea of cherry balls bouncing down a hill the crowd ebbed and flowed with every bop of the beat. The lights were flashing, Wes was dancing, the electric cello was rocking; it was like being in a hipster version of Tron. Everyone left the venue on cloud nine, elated and full of electricity as they danced off into the dark. The stark reality of waking up to a tired Tuesday was not so awesome. Regardless, it was what a great way to kick off the week! Cheers to fake Fridays!

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