Q-Tip – Kamaal the Abstract Q-Tip – Kamaal the Abstract

Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract

Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract

This album sucked.
No need to bury the lead with meandering personal stories or comparisons that may or may not work. After seeing Q-Tip live I was fairly excited to see Kamaal The Abstract just released. Looking back now, I gotta ask myself why? I mean, the obvious answer is simple; I love Q-Tip. But facts are hard to ignore. For instance, this album was originally deemed unworthy to release by Arista Records back in 2002 for whatever reason – lack of commercial appeal or something like that. So, not good enough for 2002, but ok now for 2009. I don’t know, that’s a hard pill to swallow. Although, it’s not like the recording industry has been known for making brilliant, cutting-edge decisions as of late. But I think Arista was right on this one.

Kamaal The Abstract not only lacks commercial appeal, it also lacks cohesiveness, it lacks direction, and just kinda lacks enough of Q-Tip at his best. You can see and hear all the ideas he had, all the elements he wanted to incorporate, and all the “not a Tribe album” inspirations; but he forgot that he needed to be the star of the show. So what we get on Kamaal The Abstract is, well a lot of abstract shit that never really comes together. Until the end that is. The last track is an absolute head-nodder with all the jazz, soul and funk elements (buzz word quota: fulfilled), that seemed to have been off doing their own thing the entire album—and Q-Tip, absolutely owning the beat, the flow and the moment.
But it’s just too little, too late.

I got so much love for Q-Tip, and he’s such an amazing performer, but his shit just did not translate on this one. I guess the beauty of releasing an album seven years after it was recorded is, if it sucks, you can pretend like it sucked seven years ago and never speak of it again.

Track Listing:
1. Feelin’
2. Do You Dig U? ft. Gary Thomas & Kirk Rosenwinkel
3. A Million Times
4. Blue Girl
5. Barely In Love
6. Heels
7. Abstractionisms ft. Kenny Garrett aka Truth
8. Caring
9. Even If It Is So
10. Make It Work

Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract, reviewed by Delicious on 2009-10-28T11:21:29-07:00 rating 2.1 out of 5

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