Psy –  Psy 6 甲 Part 1 Psy – Psy 6 甲 Part 1

And this is how my career at Pinpoint ends. Not with a bang but with the calculated bass beat of K Pop and K Hip Hop. Alright where to begin? Lets start two days ago when my wife and I were watching YouTube videos on popular Kpop artists and how they differ from Jpop acts. In the middle of our research I became lightheaded and was transported to a bright world where pop music was hinged on the interpretation of popularity and production. This is not to say western pop is without its share of insanity yet without the accompaniment of lingual understanding things become so dissociative it almost deserves its own genre. While I haven’t recovered fully from the experience and my wife is now learning KPop moves for future parties we are left with Psy‘s new album.

Psy is a South Korean pop/hip hop artist who has come to notoriety due to his humorous take on style and music. Much like LMFAO, Psy’s style is inane but backed with an infectious sound. Take this and add one of the funniest videos in recent history and one has a recipe for international stardom. Psy’s music initially succeeds due to its initiative and ability to catch the listener by surprise on an attack role. Without warning images are flashed before one’s eyes and things once though before no longer hold the same meaning.

At the moment of writing, “Gangdam Style” has received 20 million views. A few weeks ago it was 2 million. Wherever it is going I have no logical projection. What we are left with is the first part of Psy’s sixth album Psy 6 甲 Part 1. I would have some more information regarding the second but Psy’s Wikipedia page is incomplete and my Korean is a bit rusty. What we know is Psy’s first six tracks are filled with intrigue, laughter, and pure excitement.

Psy attempts to strike the balance between humor and commercial pop. The artist does so with a variety of Asian styles as well as western club fodder. The aforementioned “Gangdam Style” fits comfortably with “Passionate Goodbye 뜨거운 안녕,” a back burning club anthem with as much power and reserved wonder as the lead single. “Seventy Seven 101 77학개론” on the other hand oddly pays tribute to the Southern California surf pop which spawned Crazy Town and whatever else was popular at the time. As it stands now, the middle of Psy’s album seems to be directed at a Western audience with the outer shell being offered for Asian listeners. Maybe. I do not know anymore.

The remaining tracks on Psy 6 甲 Part 1 retain their own charm yet with careful attention. The opener “Tree Frog 청개구리” could suffer from the overuse of distorted guitar yet the chorus makes it worthwhile. Additionaly the ballad “What Should Have Been 어땠을까” only becomes memorable after the melody gets engrained in your mind. Finally, for those of us who are not indoctrinated to anime credits or Andrew WK’s JPop albums, “Never Say Goodbye” can be a bit much to swallow. This of course is only for the first five listens. After that its in God’s hands.

But then again we need to keep sober and level headed. The tendency when reviewing certain Asian material is to balk at its aesthetic and make jokes about its ludicrous nature. It is hard not to but it is important to keep focused. If anything Psy is a satirical take on both Western and Asian pop standards and reminds us that non-sequential excitement in popular music is without borders and langue. We all look silly when making music that appeals to large demographic. I think once we can acknowlge this fact, we can start having fun. I know I already am.

I never though I would fall so hard for a Kpop record. I am sure it is due to my wife who was jumping in exctiment behind me. This is something that I usually do not participate in but at the moment I could not ask for anything more. She has already ordered our matching outfits and the pyrotechnics. I keep looking at the number of views on all of these videos and contrast it with my ultimate lack of understanding. This is a new world which I have no bearing or foothold in. I might as well smile and go with everything. Goodbye. 안녕하세요

1. Tree Frog (Feat. G-DRAGON)
2. Passionate Goodbye (Feat. SUNG SI-KYUNG)
3. Gangnam Style
4. Seventy Seven 101 (Feat. LEESSANG & KIM JIN-PYO)
5. What Should Have Been (Feat. PARK JUNG-HYUN)

Psy - Psy 6 甲 Part 1, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-08-09T11:01:32-07:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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