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Johnny Cash's American VI

Johnny Cash's American VI

February 26, 2010 was the birthday of one America’s greatest singers, songwriters, and musicians of all time. The last installment of Johnny Cash’s iconic Americanseries American VI: Ain’t No Grave is coming out Feb 23rd, 2010.
The songs on this forthcoming album are as diverse as Cash is legendary, and span multiple decades. With covers like Sheryl Crow’s “Redemption Day”, close Cash friend Kris Kristofferson’s “For The Good Times”, and “Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound” by Tom Paxton this is sure to be a tremendous finale to an extraordinary series.

The songs on this album were parts of session that took place right up until September 12, 2003, the day Cash passed. Four months prior Cash lost his long time wife June Carter. He told his producer on these sessions that after June’s death, “recording was his main reason for being alive.” Oh did I mention it was produced by Rick Rubin?

Here the track “Ain’t no Grave” here

Ain’t No Grave
Redemption Day
For The Good Times
First Corinthians 15:55
Cant Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound
Satisfied Mind
I Don’t Hurt Anymore
Cool Water
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
Aloha Oe

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