Police Academy 6 – Police Academy 6 (S/T) Police Academy 6 – Police Academy 6 (S/T)

Police Academy 6 - Police Academy 6 (S/T)

In the larger landscape of electronic music, artists and albums are getting smaller. The actual size and quality of these albums stays the same yet the availability of high end equipment combined with the channels of the internet widens the pool of available artists. It would be one thing if electronic upstarts were humorously unskilled with years to go before breaking big. It is quite another when the level of quality is greater than the perceived level of recognition. Police Academy 6 is very active on Vimeo, Bandcamp and Tumblr but still resigns in the a hazy world where establishment is an archaic word. Following a light trickle of internet fame, the mysterious entity releases a self titled debut — one that is as beautiful as lacking necessary citations.

This ghostly entity takes its name from one of the worst installments in an already plagued comedy film series popular during the 1980’s. The name showcases a certain strive for lunacy mixed with sweaty hip aesthetics and an almost intolerable love for trash. The tumblr site for Police Academy 6 is filled to the brim with animated minutia pulled from underneath sofas across the internet. Once immersed in so much garbage, Police Academy 6 pushes further to the bottom until the listener finds themselves on the other side — clear headed and standing upside-down in a serene landscape. The self titled debut from this mysterious band is nothing short of a well crafted Balearic masterpiece which stands glimmering –surrounded by coal and shit.

From the opening waves of “Wanting Something,” Police Academy 6 unfolds an imposing world based around memories, nostalgia and dreamlike visions which recall the finer points of jj, The Tough Alliance and CEO. In fact, Police Academy 6’s music is so distinct it is surprising they do not already come from the Swedish label Sincerely Yours. Together with a dozen unknown electronic artists including Raw Moans, Top Girls and Kodak To Graph, Police Academy 6 charges the professional gate armed with only the shields of social networking sites to defend them. Again, this would be different if the music was far inferior to the ones on the inside. But its not and this is why it is confusing and illuminating.

“Fill In the Blanks” featuring Top Girls solidifies this point by filling the space with a low end made of clouds and golden gates constructed from an echoed synth. The vocals layer themselves infinitely towards the sky making me wonder if heaven will only be inhabited by the hip. The retrospective homage to the music of the early 80’s is a starting point for this project, yet wading around in distant memories never feels like an end goal. Police Academy 6 has tapped into a time and place which, I believe no one has experienced or ever will for a long time. This is music for the future; a chart topping record for the year 4545.

Police Academy 6 lies in between recognizable and contested genres such as witch-house and chill-wave. The fact this band fits neither one of those genres is exciting. I often times make humoruous remarks regarding bands being knowledgeable in time travel. By the ending piano melody of the unsearchable “†††,” I have never been so certain that this technology exists. Police Academy 6 has been sent here from a distant time and land to offer us a glimpse a future where everything is white, cloudy and inhabited by Egyptian gods who play keyboards in brightly colored robes.I am ready to make your journey. Take my hand.

1. Wanting Something
2. Fill in the Blanks (featuring Top Girls)
3. Icarus (featuring unouomedude)
4. The Chills (featuring Raw Moans)
5. Ayandeh (featuring Kodak to Graph)
6. Lurk (featuring Meth Dad)
7. Crushin’ (featuring Cherub)
8. Waiting
9. Back Again
10. Saved (featuring Lester Brown)
11. †††

Police Academy 6 - Police Academy 6 (S/T), reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2011-06-09T09:44:27-07:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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