Planes Mistaken for Stars @ St. Vitus – 8.8.12 Planes Mistaken for Stars @ St. Vitus – 8.8.12

Photos by Charles.
Ed. Note: We, at Pinpoint, feel that it’s important to maintain a certain degree of intellectual objectivity when recounting the live experience which is why we make it our aim to send, at least, two people to any given show that we cover. However, For the recent Planes Mistaken for Stars (henceforth PMfS) reunion show at St. Vitus we only had Charles at our disposal. We took a calculated risk and sent him anyway trusting that his years of dedication to Pinpoint would override his propensity to “lose his shit” when listening to PMfS. They did not. What few accounts we have of Charles between 11pm on Wednesday evening (the approximate set time for PMfS) and 4am on Thursday morning (the last time he was actually seen) are questionable, at best but all reference his repeated “gleeful” shouting of the phrase “WE RIDE TO FIGHT!” and a distinct scent of whiskey on his breath. We understand this phrase to be the coda to the PMfS song “Thunder in the Night Forever! (We Ride to Fight)” about which, we know, Charles was particularly passionate. We don’t know, however, what it has to do with Charles’ current whereabouts nor what motivation (if any) it might have given him to disappear. If anyone has any information regarding Charles or this potential PMfS connection, please let us know by comment or via the About Us page.


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  • Joe Mansi says:

    Nothing in the “Editor’s Notes” surprises me the least fucking bit.

    “We’ll tear at every inch that we can get”