Plaid Shirt Required, Glasses Optional: Youth Lagoon at Rock’n’Roll Hotel – 03.24.12 Plaid Shirt Required, Glasses Optional: Youth Lagoon at Rock’n’Roll Hotel – 03.24.12

There were a lot of dudes at this show and they were all wearing plaid. I would tell you about the opening band but they went on at the ungodly hour of 8pm, which is a time best reserved for drinking heavily in preparation for the night ahead. This also might explain why the photos I took of Youth Lagoon look like the work of a four year old with an undiagnosed physical disability.

Youth Lagoon sounded good given that the old RnR Hotel sometimes struggles with the audio. It’s a good venue for kicking out the jams, not so much for sad sack balladeers. I was worried Youth Lagoon was going to fall into the latter, but they managed to get across that atmospheric quality that defines their style of song. Some awkward kid in a plaid shirt and not-quite-cool adidas was getting into it. That dude in the backwards hat loved it.

No glow sticks or fist pumps or pyrotechnic show (TOTAL BUMMER). The crowd followed the dance protocol that we used to call, in my day, “the scenester nod.” It’s that move where, if you don’t have a drink, you shove your hands in your pockets and just sort of nod and sway back and forth. I do this all the time, because I can’t dance. Some of the ladies were closing their eyes and swooning. I was too, but that was probably alcohol related.

It was a really short set. I don’t mean that in an “I was so wrapped up in the beauty of the music that I lost all sense of time and space” way. I think they only played six songs, then one encore song. It was all over by 11pm. Saturday night and I got home at a reasonable hour, to tuck in my imaginary kids and watch late night local news.

I realize I talked more about myself and the crowd than the show, but what can I say? Youth Lagoon sounded good but didn’t blow my mind. I also love talking about me and making fun of people who I think I’m cooler than…which is no one.

I wasn’t wearing plaid, though, so at least I have that going for me.

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