PINPOINT PREMIER! The Memories’ “Tell Me” b/w “Don’t Be a Drag” PINPOINT PREMIER! The Memories’ “Tell Me” b/w “Don’t Be a Drag”

unnamed-1Oh, MAN ALIVE! do I know what it’s like to spend a sleepless night cold-sweating the oldie goldies like an RV heat stroke broke over the moonshine in Kentucky, fair. It’s a heavy thing, man. Heavy as anything but easier to swallow than a fist full of the Colonel’s mysterious skin and not something to really get up in on with your pride out but sometimes, Clive…sometimes, it’s the only thing to set honest living right.

And that’s why we had The Memories.

Well, some did.

My dumb ass missed the last raft to the atoll on account of being unwilling or unable to accept the perfect presence of underwater peoples just beckoning a whiff of the manscaped dream flipped over, rolled tight and sparked under boughs of Devil Trees.

Ah, me.

But, at least, I have this moment now. A wax testament to the erstwhile. Two midnight jams couple in concordance with pizza, weed and the endless possibility.

It’s a bittersweet thing. You see, shortly after this single was pressed, Memories drummer, dear friend and Pop Zeus, Mikey Hodges shuffled off this coil, leaving a huge hole not just in the hearts of those fortunate enough to survive him but in the sonic palette within which he and his kin had set their ever-loving minds to woo you and all of your sexxxy yours.

I’d say it’s a sin but there’s no need to bring GAWD! into this soul jamming testament to the man, the band and the sweat-wet wonder of summer ’13 when these finest flowers were fostered with the assistance of Zach Phillips (Blanche Blanche Blanche). They see release, today, care of the totally crushable weirdo-kinds of Wharf Cat who were kind enough to clue us (and you) in early. Artwork by Joe Zorilla. All proceeds from this 7″ go to Mikey’s family.

So buy it.


The Memories – “Tell Me”

The Memories – “Don’t Be a Drag”

2 Responses about “PINPOINT PREMIER! The Memories’ “Tell Me” b/w “Don’t Be a Drag””

  • The Memories says:

    Thanks guys. The band is not past tense tho. Mikey was one of our best friends and was our drummer during that time period when this was recorded. He is even better to rememb by with from his solo work Pop Zeus.

  • Charles says:

    Damn. Pardon the error (the text has been edited) but thanks for the clue-in on Pop Zeus.