Photos: Dodos / The Luyas – The Loft – Dallas Photos: Dodos / The Luyas – The Loft – Dallas

The San Francisco duo, the Dodos, just finished up their fall tour in support of their fourth studio full-length, “No Color”. For those uninitiated the Dodos have a sound that fits tightly into the tapestry of indie pop coming out of San Francisco right now. The newest pop movement in the Bay Area is still in the process of being defined but the Dodos heavy fingerpicked guitar, psychedelic tone, gentle vocals, and unassuming composition seems to be paving a path in a very distinct scene.

The Dodos fall tour featured The Luyas, Hailing from Montréal, Québec, in direct support. Luyas are still touring off their masterful release “Too Beautiful to Work”. A stunning amalgamation of sugary indie pop sensibility, dark and expansive psychedelic underpinnings, full-bodied horns, and experimental electronic; Luyas  have created one of our favorite albums of the year.

Photos: Sean Berry photography

Pictures: Dodos – The Loft – Dallas

Pictures: Luyas – The Loft – Dallas

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