Peter Seeger, L.A.M.F. 1919-2014 Peter Seeger, L.A.M.F. 1919-2014

The face of his banjo read “THIS MACHINE SURROUNDS HATE AND FORCES IT TO SURRENDER” which is, admittedly, a less blood-boiling call to inspired activism than the more familiar “THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS” visage but Pete Seeger was not Woody Guthrie (though the two young men spent many dusty days together) which is all well and good. One Guthrie was enough and one Pete was plenty and you know damn well we’re no good at eulogizing here so let us just say that there was a time in when a gentle man with a heart full of song and a mind set to righteousness could change the world for the better and if there’s anything to remember on the passing of the man it’s that there will be still and sometimes there’s nothing more badass than simple, human kindness. Here he is on the Johnny Cash show:

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