PAWS / Alex G. / The Dirty Nil @ Shea Stadium (bk) – 5.24.14 PAWS / Alex G. / The Dirty Nil @ Shea Stadium (bk) – 5.24.14

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Ed. Note: Last Saturday, Charles broke his longstanding commitment to his misguided isolation experiment to take the trek from Queens to Shea Stadium (sadly, now only in BK) and dig on some genuine pan-global rock and roll experience. Rumor has it, he’s been glad ever since and recently provided us with the following evidence. Now, please dig (if you will) his pictures.

The Dirty Nil

Canadian kids revving the punk kick with some noise teeth and a real sense of melody. Their sound isn’t obtuse in the least but it’s getting harder and harder to describe bands that are just rolling good with the hard sweat and decent shrift these days. Think AmRep without the marine or indie rock with a spare pair of brass balls and you’ll dig right in.

Alex G.

When did punks get so short? When did songs get so sorry? Why am I watching a trouble blend of Jackson Browne and Lord Fauntleroy moan and squeal about sickness and sadness with anemic confection. Alex G. makes me feel old in a way I’m just going to have to learn to accept and so I spent much of his set outside smoking cigarettes chatting it up about KISS and strippers.


Tonight is the last night of PAWS North American tour and the madness of too long spent in the van is showing which is to say that PAWS is playing a massive, near unfuckwithable set of flying hair and beards and raw Glaswegian heat (yes, there is such a thing). They’re also celebrating their new jam, Youth Culture Forever which a man can only pray will be as blistering gleeful as their latterday popgaze/crash and wail on stage. Some pretty Brooklyn bros are sold enough to get with the moshing which warms my cockles, irks the girls but doesn’t phase the players. They’re lost in their own way, raging out fun and fucked and fuzzy as the good old college radio daze and I’m headbanging.

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