Passion Pit Live @ Echoplex 5-29-09 Passion Pit Live @ Echoplex 5-29-09

Passion Pit 5-31-09

Passion Pit 5-31-09

Before the Echoplex fills up it has a post apocalyptic crimson glow that kinda functions as precursor of madness. Dealing with the ticket / line process at this place is a pain even when you’re on the right lists.

This particular night at the Echoplex the all ages crowd was treated to Cale Parks, Harlem Shakes & Passion Pit. The ingredients of this mob were 4 parts 16 year girls, 2 parts 19 year old hipster “dudes” wearing jeans smaller than their underage chicks, and 1 part late twenties music snob Pitchfork readers. At one point towards the end of the Passion Pit set the far wall had 15 people making out (you do the math) in that way that made you remember what it was like not to be the cool kid at that one high school party.

Passion Pit is the IT band. I don’t think they asked to be that, but they are. As such there is way too much hype about these guys. These guys are sold as a band that’s better live than in the studio, and that at the Echoplex it wasn’t the case. I know that they played the night before at the Troubadour so maybe it was just too much show too quick.

Passion Pit got their crowd going; I guess that’s a positive thing to say. Beyond that I think that an uninspired, low energy show, didn’t make them any new fans that night.

Set List:
Make Light
Better Things
Let Your Love Grow Tall
Little Secrets
I’ve Got Your Number
Folds in your hands
Moths wings
Smile Upon Me

Seaweed Song
The Reeling

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