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Part Chimp - Thriller

Part Chimp - Thriller

Heavy is a word that’s thrown around a lot nowadays. Every band that manages to squeeze a CHUN CHUN breakdown between each bar of music gets called heavy but I can only validate that as mindless and angry, not heavy. Even the trendy Drone artists are labelled heavy but it’s really just sub bass rumbles. Heavy, to me, is a thick sounding downtuned bluesy riff smothered in fuzz. Heavy is driving percussion and slick vocals. Heavy is Black Sabbath and traditional Doom. So, it’s refreshing to hear the latest full-length from Rock Action Records heavy as fuck noise rockers Part Chimp.

Four years on after the release of the essential “I Am Come”, it would seem like the Part Chimp lads have upped their game. Sonically, “Thriller” is a warming slab of chunky heaviness not unlike their other recordings. However, the craft seems to be more refined. Songs slip by with the greatest of ease, thundering along like massive behemoths with little challenge in their way. Almost as if King Kong was taking down a large city systematically. As if the armed forces thought “Fuck this!” and left the big ape to go about his business.

You can definitely feel a strong Sabbath influence. Each riff is constructed with the greatest of care to ensure it sounds the biggest it can. The guitars are toned perfectly, fuzzier than the fuzziest fuzz ever and each guitar as fuzzy as the other. There’s oceans of bass presence too. Sometimes the vocals appear drowned beneath the crushing waves of sound but that’s just how it goes with Part Chimp. You wait several tracks on to find Tomorrow Midnite which is the thinker of the bunch. Slower in nature, massive in sound. And the vocals are the most prominent quality right next to the mammoth riffage!

The only clear deviation from the noisy intense rockout comes with Super Moody which is a sweet, sombre passage. A very moody affair indeed. The clean guitars and hushed vocals work perfectly together. It’s not disjointed from the rest of the album either. It’s a welcome break before the final track Starpiss which, at first, fooled me into thinking the album wasn’t going to go out with a bang. The tremolo guitars and pretty melodies build and build with the drums getting faster and harder until suddenly everything explodes. The melodies are retained but only just, hidden deep beneath the crusty tone.

If you, like me, appreciate heavy music and want to hear something that sounds like being locked in a massive room with perfect acoustics surrounded by every amplifier in the World turned up to 11 then “Thriller” is just the record for you.

Track Listing:
1. Trad
3. Dirty Sun
4. Sweet T
5. Tomorrow Midnite
6. Today 2
7. Today 3
8. Super Moody
9. Starpiss

Part Chimp - Thriller, reviewed by Heard on 2009-10-12T11:22:24-07:00 rating 3.9 out of 5

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