Pants Yell! – Received Pronunciation Pants Yell! – Received Pronunciation

Pants Yell! - Received Pronunciation

Pants Yell! - Received Pronunciation

Sarah Records never died! Well, in the traditional sense, the label most certainly did, and its punk-esque final words, “We don’t do encores,” pretty much answers any questions about whether or not the label will return. But the influence of Sarah’s bands lives on and can most certainly be seen in Pants Yell!’s newest release, Received Pronunciation.

Echoes of The Field Mice and Another Sunny Day permeate the album, with angsty and lovelorn lyrics being crooned over the typically jangly guitars of the descendants C-86 sound. Rapid-fire handclaps and horns, the not-so-secret loves of twee-poppers galore, also make an appearance on the album.

The lyrics on the album are quite well-written, and the many clever lines on the album will garner a grin from even the most cynical of listeners. “What’s the point of all this living? Living’s all I ever do,” lead singer Andrew Churchman wonders on the final track, “To Take.” Everyone with blood running through their veins can relate to at least one of the lines on the album, whether you’re recalling your finest drunk hour over “A headache never felt so good / I’m glad I had more gin than candy” during “Frank and Sandy” or recalling your teenage crush in “Cold Hands.”

So pull on your anorak, hide in your room among all your twee gear (14 Iced Bears ring and IFOJ posters, anyone?) and enjoy this album, all the while wondering the essential question of life: has a pop band with an exclamation point ever led you wrong? Slumberland is definitely on a great indie pop streak.

Track Listing:
1. Frank and Sandy
2. Rue de la Paix
3. Cold Hands
4. Got To Stop
5. Spider
6. Someone Loves You
7. Marble Staircase
8. Not Wrong
9. To Take

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