Pangaea – Pangaea EP 2010 Pangaea – Pangaea EP 2010

Pangaea - Pangaea EP

Pangaea - Pangaea EP

Hessle Audio have only been releasing tunes for a short time but that’s no reason for you not to stand up and take note. The imprint, run by some of todays most promising DJs and Producers (Ramadanman, Ben UFO and Pangaea), is quickly becoming one of the most important Electronic labels the UK has to offer. Having released the instant classic Router by Pangaea as well as tracks from Ramadanman’s Pearson Sound alias and several choice bits from Untold, you know there’s quality throughout Hessle Audio’s back catalogue.

With 010, the tenth release by the label and also the first double LP, we are treated to 6 new tracks by Pangaea. His slick production skills, keen ear for a well EQ’d sub bass and his love for 2step rhythms have all earned Kevin a lot of praise from fans and peers alike. His unbelievable anthem Memories left jaws dropped across the board last year and only a year previous to that Router was unleashed as the B to You & I. That might not seem a lot but when you consider that both tracks are held with so much esteem within the Dubstep community, and the Electronic dance music community in general too, you can’t help but feel impressed. Two classics in two years: That isn’t bad going, eh?

Why, the standout track from the EP, is classic Pangaea: percussion that makes you want to dance, a sub bassline that grooves and the most beautifully picked and placed vocal samples. The track starts off with as little as just drums and a couple of synth chord stabs but slowly evolves into a very melodious, eerie, airy slice of incredibly danceable Dubstep. It’s a sound that borrows a lot from UK Garage, earlier pioneers of the Dubstep ideology but also to that of ghostly, reclusive Burial. It’s a mixture of ideas that all have a distinctive Pangaea sound.

Each track has it’s own qualities that you grow fond of so quickly. Those wonderful Boards Of Canada-esque sounds in Sunset Yellow that glide into focus; the really daft vocal samples in Neurons coupled with those bass and synth wobbles that are nothing short of insane. Dead Living even has a really obvious shout to zombie movie soundtracks and spooky horror sound effects. As a whole though every inch of the EP is nigh on perfect.

The only major disappointment for me lies with Because of You. The track has so much potential yet it clocks in so short at only a little under 4 minutes. However, within those 3 minutes and 40 odd seconds of music is found the most perfect example of Pangaea’s ability to evoke an emotional response. When you consider that Dubstep is a subgenre of Electronic dance music that is largely known for being dark, sometimes abrasive and often more about bass than anything else, you often don’t expect a track to really hit home. And where Burial does this on several tracks, Pangaea almost exclusively specialises in this art.

1.  Why   05:08
2.  Sunset Yellow         05:51
3.  5-HTP             04:52
4.  Neurons       05:37
5.  Dead Living  05:13
6.  Because Of You 03:44

Pangaea - Pangaea EP 2010, reviewed by Heard on 2010-01-29T15:44:26-08:00 rating 4.8 out of 5

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