Outside Lands 2013 Spotlight : Surfer Blood Outside Lands 2013 Spotlight : Surfer Blood

surfer-blood-by-ian-witlen-4If you happen to be at Outside Lands by 2:10 this afternoon—and on behalf of the unwashed masses still toiling away at work, screw you—make sure to head by the Lands End stage for Surfer Blood. Try to overlook the fact that lead singer and Florida man, John Paul Pitts, has been in the news for behaving like a typical Florida man, and just focus on the music.

Surfer Blood is touring behind their recently-released second album, Pythons, a cleaner, hi-fi, power pop departure from their critically-acclaimed reverb-filled lo-fi debut album, Astro Coast. Hearkening back to 90’s college rock influences, Surfer Blood’s combination of Pitts’s frequently melancholic vocals over sunny music seems to reflect the pathos evidenced in Pitts’s own life.

Be on the lookout for the catchy, anthemic “Swim,” off of their first album, and Pythons’s stand out track “Demon Dance” for a welcome beginning to this weekend.

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