Outside Lands – Day 2 / Saturday – Preview Outside Lands – Day 2 / Saturday – Preview

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Don’t you love when something good happens near and around you? I sure do, and I love Outside Lands and the entire weekend surrounding the festival. After missing it last year, I was, and still am determined to not let that happen ever again. This years lineup made my no-no spots tingle – so I couldn’t be more excited. Without further ado, here are the artists on my “can’t miss” or even just “let’s see where the beer line is at” list.

Ana Tijoux – 12:45

I was recently introduced to the French-Chilean artist, Ana Tijoux by my friend Suze, and I am stoked I know both of those people. Ana Tijoux is a sexy machine gun of hip-hop bad-assery riding a surfboard on a wave of undeniable soul. So good, I promise you I will not miss her set.

Ana Tijoux – “1977”

The Stone Foxes – 1:25

I was an RA with one of the dudes in this band. RA, in case you’re wondering stands for “Resident Assistant”; and yes, we, all of us, are super lame. You’re paid (or compensated in some way) to be a NARC. Basically, everyone hates you. I got fired, so I never really knew what happened to Spence, but checking out the Outside Lands 2011 lineup quickly solved that mystery – Spence is kicking the bluesy, classic rock, Zeppelin-inspired jams for The Stone Foxes and playing mother-effing Outside Lands.

The Stone Foxes – “Stomp”

The Vaccines – 2:10

UK-Based The Vaccines have been taking up residency on my Spotify for the last week and I think their boppy, garage rock, punk-style of independent rock music will resonate with a festival crowd looking to get their Girl Talk-on later in the evening. Oh, also, they have a song called “Post Break-Up Sex”; you’re intrigued, right?

The Vaccines – “Post Break-Up Sex”

STRFKR – 3:40

Whatever genre you want to wiggle STRFKR into, I’d absolutely argue that their version of electro-dream-pop whatever might be perfect for a beer, a J and a cool breeze in Golden Gate Park. I can see it already. Oh, and its pronounced “Star Fucker” for all us non-robots.

STRFKR – “Julius”

STRFKR – “Julius” from Consequence of Sound on Vimeo.

Arctic Monkeys – 4:45
What can I say about Arctic Monkeys that hasn’t already been said? We’ve all heard their singles and albums a million times, yet, this does not discourage. I’m ready to rock-the-fuck-out, that’s what the Arctic Monkeys are here for. They’re playing Lollapalooza the week before and some fucking shit the weekend after, so, basically, the rock and roll lifestyle is very “ho-hum” and terribly boring.

Arctic Monkeys – Live at Oxegen 2011

Arctic Monkeys – Live at Oxegen 2011 from Oxegen Official on Vimeo.

Old 97’s – 5:45

Nearly 20 years and 9 albums deep into this thing, the Old 97’s are that alternative-country, americana rock band that are here to stay. If you’re not already a fan, prepare to be sucked into the raw, un-tinkered, honest sound of this classic, American rock band from Dallas, Texas.

Old 97’s – “Dance With Me”

The Black Keys – 6:15

This is a tough one. I mean, everyone loves The Black Keys, that’s not a “statement” or anything, but I have heard a slight groundswell of folks claiming some disappointment in their live show. In all fairness, I’ve never seen them live, and I love the fact that The Black Keys are playing in San Francisco. It just feels right. I suppose I am setting myself up for possible disappointment, but therein lies the beauty of the festival; The Roots are up in 35 minutes!

The Black Keys – “Tighten Up”

The Roots – 6:50

I’d first like to direct your attention to the Pinpoint Music review of The Roots latest release How I Got Over. Now that you’re all knowledge’d up (you know, in case you weren’t), get hyped. I have no insecurities calling The Roots one of the greatest bands, period. No genre-based qualifiers, no time period or era-based whathaveyou’s. The Roots are fucking great.

The Roots – “How I Got Over”

Muse – 8:10

I spent a drunken Saturday watching old Muse videos at a buddy’s house a couple weeks ago and solidified my “Muse or Girl Talk?” quandry. I know, I’m not a 17-year-old girl, but fuck it, I like fun, so I was interested in seeing Girl Talk. Fuck off. But with all due respect to Greg Gillis, I think I HAVE to see Muse shred live. If you’re ever unsure of how hard Muse can melt your face off, go to Murph’s house about 8 hours of drinking deep and prepare to make the ugliest “this fucking rips” faces you’ve ever made. Thanks Murph.

Muse – “Knights Of Cydonia” Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

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