Outside Lands 2015 Spotlight: WATERS Outside Lands 2015 Spotlight: WATERS


We were first introduced to WATERS a few years back as the promising rock & roll remake of the sometimes overlooked indie band Port O’Brien. I’ll admit that Port O’Brien hit my radar mostly because I have a good buddy named Pat O’Brien, and yeah, thats how the brain works, right? Anyway, when something shows up as much as Port O’Brien did for me, you shouldn’t ignore it, because of all that universe shit that pseudo-spiritual types talk about, and because Port O’Brien is a pretty fantastic band. Which brings us back to WATERS.

If WATERS debut was some kind of incarnation of lead singer Van Pierszalowski’s previous indie itch that wasn’t scratched, the 2015 version of WATERS destroys that delicate angsty brooding with power chords, sing-along choruses and a kick drum with some fucking huevos. WATERS just seems like a band that is having fun now, and isn’t it a beautiful thing when that progression is so evident you can feel it with all your senses?

I’ve never seen WATERS live, so this will be my first chance to see what this band has become and what it looks like outside of my mind’s eye and in the flesh, and I am excited. Because despite the restarts, the growing pains of the maturation process and everything that an artist faces in the fight to be heard, WATERS have evolved into something amazing and are thriving amongst others who are doing it with gimmicks and kitsch.

Catch WATERS at the Panhandle Stage, Saturday August 8th at 4:30pm

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