Outside Lands 2015 Spotlight: Glass Animals Outside Lands 2015 Spotlight: Glass Animals


I’ll be the first one to admit that electronic music is not my thing. No matter what flavor it comes in, I usually don’t find myself vibing or grooving or whatever it is that I’m supposed to be doing. When I’m at a bar, on a stoop or in the car and a beat catches me, it’s almost always hip hop; in fact, when people are shaking their asses, and the DJ inevitably makes his way to whatever the hot EDM track is, I completely lose my feel. Like catching a whiff of some dinosaur breath during some morning dirty; mood, gone.

Sure, I get that there are some DJ’s and noisemakers out there doing some extraordinary things, hell, DJ’s that I’ve even paid to see, but when electronic music fails to separate itself, it just turns into a bad CGI summer blockbuster for me. I get it, computers do cool things, thats what they do. I am no longer surprised or impressed by this anymore.

But when an electronic artist is able to shake loose from the rest of the robot sounds, not only do I take notice, it becomes something I got to have.

Glass Animals was introduced to me by my co-worker Chelsea, who feels the DJ scene pretty hard. Like three-shows-a-week hard. I had made my stance pretty clear, I think, and she took it upon herself to send a few tracks my way with the simple message, “I think you’d like this.” The implication being, “I get it, you’re one of those dudes who just doesn’t dig, but this, this is for EVERYONE.” And she was right. Glass Animals have a pretty unique island-funk-euphoria thing going on, and I’ve been listening ever since.

Two weeks ago, my scuzziest friend came up to me at a wedding asking if I was stoked about Glass Animals at Outside Lands. The answer is yes, and Chelsea was right, Glass Animals are for everyone.

Catch Glass Animals at the Sutro Stage, Friday August 7th at 5:05pm

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