Outside Lands 2015 – 1 Line Previews of Day 3 Outside Lands 2015 – 1 Line Previews of Day 3

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Day 3 is tough. Oh so tough. A little bit rougher to get up, shake the brain clouds get things moving in any direction. You are sore, so sore. Everything is sore. Soreness is the only thing actually. Except there is Sir Elton. That is your motivation today. Get some sustenance before the poison and get to the park, because there is some serious shit to see today.

Here is your Day 3 rock & roll hangover guide:

Elton John – Ages of the last four headliners at Outside Lands: 68, 64, 73, 65. Just sayin.

Sam Smith – Sure, whatever.

Axwell & Ingrosso – Kind of inspiring, kind of anxiety attack.

Slightly Stoopid – Just stop already.

Hot Chip – Oh yeah, fun, I’m into that.

Caribou – Remarkably less fun.

The Devil Makes Three – Not all the way there, but please make Pirate-core a thing!

Note Ruess – Always puzzling when a frontman goes solo and ends up sounding exactly like his other thing.

Odesza – Electro ambient, all day errday…I guess. Good for zoning out at work, if that’s a positive thing.

DJ Mustard – Whoever does the Biography section at Spotify calls this “ratchet music (what others might call strip club anthems)”–so there you go Lindsey, ratchet also means “strip club.”

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Dear lord, this is a revelation.

James Bay – Shakey shyboy does songs about his broken heart.

Green Velvet & Claude Von Stroke: Get Real – Get your phones out, it’s lazers time.

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – The Meters smooth it out now.

Sky Ferreira – Everything about this chick is uncomfortable and should make grown men feel creepy. Which is quite cool.

Allah-La’s – Laid-back LA surf jingle.

Shakey Graves – Stop and start folk stuff.

Dan Deacon – Weirdo dance party. Dig it.

Benjamin Booker – Dirty demon blues eruption every mom in the 1950’s warned her kids about.

Ryn Weaver – If someone said Florence Welch’s shittier sister, I’d believe it.

Givers – What’s the difference between derivative and simply contemporary? Fuck it, Vampire Weekend folk dance pop.

Metz – Discordant shred.

DMA’s – Why hadn’t anyone thought to do a 20-years-later Oasis thing by now? These guys rip.

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks: Play Dead – Good band (maybe?), bad singer (definitely).

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