Outside Lands 2014 Spotlight: Run the Jewels Outside Lands 2014 Spotlight: Run the Jewels

gov ball 1 - CN - 1902 We don’t know much about Run the Jewels, do we. I mean, We know El-P as kind of like the indie-backpack tongue-in-cheek, ballin’-ass producer, responsible for Killer Mike’s phenomenal 2012 release, R.A.P. Music, that I actually thought was better than Kendrick’s. And we know Killer Mike as one of the only rapper’s out of Atlanta not into that slunk AND the man who educated us all on the numerology connected to our 40th president, Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6).

I also saw El-P headline once and almost couldn’t handle the sad ocean of emo-rap that his dude-heavy fan base seems to love; but that was a few years back, and since El-P has taken to rocking the dad-mustache, his collaborations with Killer Mike have elevated the duo into 2014’s cant-miss festival-hip hop act.

Charles had a chance to check out Run the Jewels at Governors Ball, but back in June, just a few months after the release of their debut album, it was still hard to tell if Run the Jewels had taken on a life of its own or if it was just loud rap guys yelling.

Yes, the self-titled debut from Run the Jewels is free for digital download, and the duo have taken their old school verse-trading, battle-rap style on the road ever since its release. Thing is, Run the Jewels has only touched San Francisco soil once, over a year ago, and now that the dust has settled a bit, I can’t wait to see if these two are really worthy of all the “best NEW alliance in hip hop” hype.

Catch Run the Jewels on the Lands End Stage, Friday August 8th @ 2:15pm

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