Outside Lands 2014 Spotlight: Lucius Outside Lands 2014 Spotlight: Lucius


If you’re going to any music festival, Lucius is exactly the type of band you want to get to know. Set aside what they actually sound like and what you might expect from their live performance, you will instantly earn a shit-ton of social currency for knowing a girl-band that isn’t HAIM, which will be a band every entry-level festival goer will be talking about, but you’ll know.

Ok, so Lucius has other members of the band who aren’t female, so calling them a “girl-band” isn’t accurate, but with two incredibly talented females on lead vocals and keys; the star of the show isn’t the dude with armpit stains standing kinda off to the side on bass.

Lucius has a sound that slides across a pretty weird genre line, from folk rock with the faintest twang, to some straight up thumpy pop music that might make you want to shake it just a little. It’s good to be the type of band you can’t quite nail down, but what is constant throughout their debut full-length, Wildewoman, is the two-is-better-than-one vocal styling of, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig.

Shouts to longtime friend of Pinpoint, Andrew Rowley, for his phenomenal work with Rdio on the Lucius video for their single, “Turn It Around.”

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